The Blue Nose

Let the Student of Nature in rapture descant,

On the Heaven's cerulean hue;

Let the Lover indulge in poetical rant,

When the eyes of his Mistress are blue.

But fill high your glasses--fill, fill to the brim,

I've a different toast to propose:

While such eyes, and such skies, still are beaming for him,

Here's a health to the jolly Blue Nose.

Let the Frenchman delight in his vine-covered vales,

Let the Greek toast his old classic ground;

Here's the land where the bracing Northwester prevails,

And where jolly Blue Noses abound.

Long--long may it flourish, to all of us dear,

Loved and honoured by hearts that are true;

But, should ever a foe chance his nose to show here

He shall find all our Noses true Blue.