A Circuitous Route

We know several folks who have a way of beating round and boxing the

compass, from A to Z, and back again, that fairly knocks us into

smithereens. One of these characters came to us the other day, and in a

most mysterious manner, with the utmost earnestness, solemnity, and

hocus pocus, says he--

"Cap'n, (winking,) I wanted to see you--(two winks;) the fact of the

business is, (wink, nod, and double wink,)
I've wanted to see you,

badly; you see, I-a--well, what I-a (two winks)--was about to remark

(two nods and a short cough),--that is to say, it don't make much

matter, if-a--(wink, wink, wink;) you see it was in this way,

I-a--wanted to--a, to tell you that (dreadful lot of winks) I've

been--not, to be sure, that it's an uncommon-a thing, (nod, cough, and

forty winks,) but no doubt if I-a--the fact is--"

"Well, what in thunder and rosin is the fact, old boy?" says we.

"The fact is, cap'n, I'd a told you at once, but-a--I don't know why

I--shouldn't tho', (wink on wink,) have you got two shillings you won't

want to use to-day?"

We hadn't!