A Dog's Religion

One day, while walking in the suburbs of the city of Cork, he met the

Rev. Mr. Flack, a Protestant clergyman, and Mr. Solomons, a Jew--both

friends of his Mr. Flack's dog was running on before them. Good

morrow, friends, said O'Leary. Well, what interesting topic engages

your attention now? To be candid with you, replied the clergyman, we

were just conjecturing what religion this dog of mine would be likely to

embrace, if it were possible for him to choose. Strange subject,

indeed, said O'Leary; but were I to offer an opinion, I would venture

to say he would become a Protestant! How, asked the Protestant

clergyman and the Jew. Why, replied O'Leary, he would not be a Jew,

for, you know, he would retain his passion for pork: he would not become

a Catholic, for I am quite certain he would eat meat on a Friday. What

religion, then, could he become, but a Protestant!