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THE grass-plots in the college courts or quadrangles are not for the
unhallowed feet of the under-graduates. Some, however, are hardy enough
to venture, in despite of all remonstrance. A master of Trinity had
often observed a student of his college invariably to cross the green,
when, in obedience to the calls of his appetite, he went to hall to
dine. One day the master determined to reprove the delinquent for
invading the rights of his superiors, and for that purpose he threw up
the sash at which he was sitting, and called to the student,--Sir, I
never look out of my window but I see you walking across the
grass-plot. My lord, replied the offender instantly, I never walk
across the grass-plot, but I see you looking out of your window. The
master, pleased at the readiness of the reply, closed his window,
convulsed with laughter.

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