SIR JOHN GERMAIN was so ignorant, that he is said to have left a legacy

to Sir Matthew Decker, as the author of St. Matthew's Gospel.

Churchill (General C----, a natural son of the Marlborough family) asked

Pulteney the other day, Well, Mr. Pulteney, will you break me,

too?--No, Charles, replied he, you break fast enough of yourself!

Don't you think it hurt him more than the other breaking would?

Walpole was plagued one morning with that oaf of unlicked antiquity,

Prideaux, and his great boy. He talked through all Italy, and everything

in all Italy. Upon mentioning Stosch, Walpole asked if he had seen his

collection. He replied, very few of his things, for he did not like his

company; that he never heard so much heathenish talk in his days.

Walpole inquired what it was, and found that Stosch had one day said

before him, that the soul was only a little glue.