"Now, Willie," said the superintendent's little boy, addressing the

blacksmith's little boy, who had come over for a frolic, "we'll play

'Sabbath School.' You give me a nickel every Sunday for six months, and

then at Christmas I'll give you a ten-cent bag of candy."

When Lottie returned from her first visit to Sunday-school, she was

asked what she had learned.

"God made the wor
d in six days and was arrested on the seventh day,"

was her version of the lesson imparted.

The teacher asked: "When did Moses live?"

After the silence had become painful she ordered: "Open your Old

Testaments. What does it say there?"

A boy answered: "Moses, 4000."

"Now," said the teacher, "why didn't you know when Moses lived?"

"Well," replied the boy, "I thought it was his telephone

number,"--_Suburban Life_.

"How many of you boys," asked the Sunday-school superintendent, "can

bring two other boys next Sunday?"

There was no response until a new recruit raised his hand hesitatingly.

"Well, William?"

"I can't bring two, but there's one little feller I can lick, and I'll

do my damnedest to bring him."