The office telephone was out of order. An employee of the company was

sent to make repairs. After a period of labor, he suggested to the

gentleman occupying the office the calling up of some one over the wire

in order to test the working of the instrument. The gentleman obligingly

called for the number of his own home in the suburbs. When the

connection was made, he called into the transmitter:

"Maria!" and after a pause, "Maria!" and again "Maria!" There followed a

few seconds of waiting, and he repeated his call in a peremptory tone,


The electric storm that had been gathering broke at this moment. A bolt

of lightning hit the telephone wires. The gentleman was hurled violently

under his desk. Presently, he crawled forth in a dazed condition, and

regarded the repair man plaintively.

"That's her!" he declared. "The telephone works fine."