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Counsellor Lamb (an old man, at the time the late Lord
Erskine was in the height of his reputation) was a man of timid manners and
nervous disposition, and usually prefaced his pleadings with an apology to
that effect; and on one occasion, when opposed to Erskine, he happened to
remark that "he felt himself growing more and more timid as he grew older."
"No wonder," replied the witty but relentless barrister, "every one knows
the older a _lamb_ grows the more _sheepish_ he becomes."

A learned serjeant, since a judge, being once asked what he would do if a
man owed him L10, and refused to pay him. "Rather than bring an action,
with its costs and uncertainty," said he, "I would send him a receipt in
full of all demands." "Aye," said he, recollecting himself, "and I would
moreover send him five pounds to cover possible costs."

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