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Whether Tall Men Or Short Men Are Best Or Bold Men Or Modest And Shy Men I Can't Say But This I Protest All The Fair Are In Favor Of Hy-men
Charlemagne Was In Need Of Amusement
Couples Making Love Will Beware Of The Rubber Plant
Ma What Is A Panama Man Called
Adversity Is Not Without Comfort--your Enemy May Be In Harder Luck Than You
Electricity Is A Great Educator
Yes There Is One Part Of The Dough-nut That Wouldn't Give You Dyspepsia
How Are You To-day

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What's The Matter Here
How By The Statesman Insincere Man's Weary Soul Is Vexed
When We First Dined At A Cafe We Feared They'd Drop Their Trays But Later We Learned Somewhat To Our Dismay It Takes--as Scores Of Men Will Say-- A Big Tip To Upset A Waiter
To-morrow Never Comes They Say; But All Such Talk Is Idle Gush For When We Have A Debt To Pay To-morrow Gets There With A Rush
Rowley Powley Pudding And Pie Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry
He Went On A Lark So His Wife Did Remark And Some Angry Words Too Did She Mutter
He Was A Genial Smiling Man And Fond Of Whisky Plain But When He Joined The Temperance Club He Never Smiled Again
My Dentist Has An Eagle Eye And Vicious Tools He Hacks With He's Clever But I've Come To Think He'd Make A Better Blacksmith
Of All The Saws That I Ever Saw Saw I Never Saw A Saw Saw Like This Saw Saws


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You Know Fatty Schultz The Butcher
How Are You To-day
She--i Had A $5 Bill In This Dictionary Yesterday And I Can't Find It Anywhere
Why Do You Call That Colored Man A Blackmailer
I Hear They Are Trying To Close Up The Gambling Establishments In New York
This Is Our Latest Novelty Said The Manufacturer Proudly
My Girl's Father Is An Undertaker
He--why Has He Put Her Picture In His Watch
My Sister Had A Fright Yesterday
--i Met A Deaf And Dumb Man To-day Who Had Every Joint Of His Fingers Broken
What Do You Think Of The Statement That There Are Three Hundred Haunted Houses In New York
Greene--these Wakes Of Yours Are Pretty Boisterous Affairs Sometimes
Are Your Folks Well To Do
I Was At The Track To-day Percy And There Was A Horse Down There With The Itch
Biggs--i Hear The Jail Was Afire This Morning
It Doesn't Do Any Good To Scold The Janitor About Our Cold Rooms
Who Was The First One That Came From The Ark When It Landed
I Got Your Fare Didn't I
He--i'll Go To-morrow And Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring
Is This A Fire Insurance Office
Tommy Said Mamma Tearfully It Gives Me As Much Pain As It Does You To Punish You
A Wag Who Thought To Have A Joke At The Expense Of An Irish Provision Dealer Said Can You Supply Me With A Yard Of Pork
Did Your Sweetheart Receive You Warmly Last Night
Don't Doubt The Veteran Who Tells You He Was Always Where The Bullets Were Thickest; Perhaps He Was Hiding Under The Ammunition Wagon
Nature Never Allows Anything To Run To Waist
According To A Florist's Magazine Jacks Are Becoming Cheap
Brown--peckhen Has Arrived Safe
Smith--i Notice That Robinson Has An Article In The Paper This Morning
Soloman Soloman--our Frent Cohen Must Pe Goin' T' Haf A Fire
A Husband And Wife Are Considered One But It Is Useless To Try To Work That Gag On The Landlord When He Presents The Board Bill
Young M
Here's An Account Of A Hen Which Layed Three Eggs At Once And Then Died Remarked Mrs
Why Is Miss B---- Wearing Black
What's The Matter Here
Is It Raining Girls
Stranger--boy Can You Direct Me To The Bank
Playwright--there Is A Great Climax In The Last Act
Did Any Of You Ever See An Elephant's Skin
That Cook Would Make A Good Baseball Player
She (approvingly)--you Won Her Hand Then
A Man At The Hotel Wanted To Bet That Corbett Would Knock Out Jeffries
Caller--wonder If I Can See Your Mother Little Boy
When A Woman Finds Her Dress Does Not Match Her Complexion It Is Always Easy Enough To Change Her Complexion
George You Look Exhausted She Said To Him As He Was Putting On His Hat And Coat
Do I Bore You
What Kind Of Essence Does A Young Man Like When He Pops The Question
The Hawk Was Dozing
I Once Knew A Man Who With The Aid Of A Microscope Made A Harness For A Flea
How About The Lazy Man Who Hurt His Eye Looking For Work
Women My Boy Said A Parent To His Son Are A Delusion And A Snare
You Were Thrown Out
Guide--this Is A Dogwood Tree
You Own Your Own House Don't You
A Lady Noticed A Boy Sprinkling Salt On The Sidewalk To Take Off The Ice And Remarked To A Friend Pointing To The Salt: Now That's True Benevolence
Johnnie--ya-as I've Just Come Back From Ireland--county Cork
How By The Statesman Insincere Man's Weary Soul Is Vexed
I Saw De Castro The Magician Make A $20 Gold Piece Disappear In Three Minutes
Lady--why Do You Remove Your Sword Lieutenant
Moses--how Did You Make Your Money Ike
--i Want To Be An Angel
What Are You Going To Do With Your Boy
Is The Proprietor In
What Kind Of Hen Lays The Longest
If A Woman Would Change Her Sex What Would Her Religion Be
The Man Who Was Run Over By The Cars The Other Day Is Now Out Of Danger
Poor Lot's Wife Turned To Salt Alas
In One Way The Clock Makers Are Independent Of Labor Troubles
What Is The Plural Of Man Johnny
If I Might Hold That Hand Again
Some One Threw A Head Of Cabbage At An Irish Orator While He Was Making A Speech Once
I've Been Married Five Years And I've Got A Bushel Of Children
Corbett And Fitzsimmons Will Never Fight Again
There Is But One Thing Said The Professor Of Medicine Gravely That We Know About Death
When Was Money First Invented
He--didn't You Promise To Love Honor And Obey Me
Why Should A Young Man Never Raise His Straw Hat To A Lady
Irish Foreman To Gang Of Men In A Sewer: How Many Men Is Down In That Hole
I Suppose Barnum Went To Heaven When He Died
Were You Attached To The Place
An Irishman Quarreling With An Englishman Told Him If He Didn't Hold His Tongue He Would Break His Impenetrable Head And Let His Brains Out Of His Empty Skull
I'm The Champion Long Distance Cornet Player
When We First Dined At A Cafe We Feared They'd Drop Their Trays But Later We Learned Somewhat To Our Dismay It Takes--as Scores Of Men Will Say-- A Big Tip To Upset A Waiter
Comstock Shuddered The Other Evening When A Lady Asked Him If He Cared For Undressed Kids
Is Your Friend The Dentist A Society Chap
The Pugilist Boxes His Man Before He Lays Him Out
Brown--up At Hagenbeck's Show There Is A Large Bear That Hugs A Woman Without Killing Her
American--you Have Noticed I Suppose That The Balance Of Trade So Far As Your Country And Ours Are Concerned Is Still In Our Favor
Your Father Has A Strong Box At Home Hasn't He Willie Said The Teacher
To-morrow Never Comes They Say; But All Such Talk Is Idle Gush For When We Have A Debt To Pay To-morrow Gets There With A Rush
The Word 'reviver' Spells The Same Backwards And Forwards
Tom--i Understand That Cholly Went Hunting The Other Day
It's All Foolishness To Talk About Any One Getting The Worst Of It In The Matrimonial Game Declared The Big Man With A Silk Hat And A Loud Suit Of Clothes
We Mustn't Kiss The Baby We Mustn't Kiss The Kid We Mustn't Kiss The Dainty Miss So Scientists Affirm; To Pounce Upon And Wrastle Us There Waits The Awful Bacillus The Sempiternal Most Infernal Omnipresent Germ
I Had Soup In A Restaurant The Other Day And Found An Oyster In It
A Cement Maker Advertises That His Cement Is Strong Enough To Mend The Break Of Day
Only Tells Half
The Man--edison's A Wonder Isn't He
Pat Said One Catholic Friend To Another
An Irishman Just Landed Seeing An Electric-motor Car Running For The First Time Exclaimed: Well Well Ould Nick Must Be Pullin' It Wid A String
Where Are You Working Now
Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid
--i'm Very Sorry For That Boy
When I Was Eating My Dinner To-day The Butter Ran
Girls And Billiard Balls Kiss Each Other With Just About The Same Amount Of Real Feeling
What Are You Writing Such A Big Hand For Pat
As Man And Wife Are One The Husband When Seated With His Wife Must Be Beside Himself
You Treat Me Cried Mrs
Did The Fisherman Have Frog's Legs Bridget
Groceryman--pat Do You Like Apples
My Son Said The Good Old Man If You Only Work Hard Enough When You Undertake A Thing You're Bound To Be At The Top When You've Finished
There's A Young Woman Who Makes Little Things Count
What Did You Wear Last Night
Since I've Been Married I Don't Get Half Enough To Eat
Nothing Can Make A Woman So Superlatively Happy As To Have A Baby Of Her Own To Kiss Exclaimed Mrs
A Boston Man Upon Learning That There Were 4000 Poles In New York Exclaimed: What A Place To Raise Beans
Fred--i Had A Fall Last Night Which Rendered Me Unconscious For Several Hours
Pat--'twas The Divil Of A Blow The Dago Gave Yer
Held By The Enemy--the Ulster Which We Are Unable To Redeem
Teacher--when Does Suicide Become A Crime
How To Signal A Bark--pull A Dog's Tail
I Understand That Willoughby Was Half Seas Over At The Sneerwell Dinner
He--you Saw Some Old Ruins While In England I Presume
Cleverton--miss Cutler Tells Me She Has Been Putting Quinine On Her Face Lately For Her Complexion
Weeks--well How Are Things Over In Boston
I Am Quite Surprised Mr
You Have A Bad Cold He Said
Don't Talk To Me About Compulsory Vaccination
The Impecunious Young Man Who Marries A Girl With A Substantial Check Attached May Very Properly Be Said To Have Been Checkmated
What Is Your Idea Of Happiness
I've Been Pondering Over A Very Singular Thing
Teacher--johnny Can You Tell Me What A Section Boss Is
I Am Told Lynching Is A Pastime In This Section
Tomdick--i'd Like To Find Some Girl Willing To Marry Me
Ikey--fader Is Imbegunious Undt Inzolvent Der Same
It Was The Morning After And He Wanted A Small Favor
Husband--my Dear How Would You Like A Book For A Present
He Went On A Lark So His Wife Did Remark And Some Angry Words Too Did She Mutter
For Years She'd Heard Her Husband Sadly Say: Can't We Have Pies Like Mother Used To Bake
What Is The Meaning Of The Saying That A Man Shall Earn His Bread In The Sweat Of His Brow
Yes Said A Landlord Sadly Whose Tenant Had Made A Moonlight Flitting Appearances Are Deceitful; But Disappearances Are Still More So
Some Men Divide Their Lives Between Trying To Forget And Trying To Recover From The Effects Of Trying To Forget
A Boy Who Is Frequently Chastised Both By His Mother And Grandmother Speaks Of Them As A Spanking Team
What A Fearful Night I Had When I Drew This Gun The First Time
If You Want To See A Strong Organization Look At The Whisky Dealers; If You Want To See A Weak One Look At The Consumers
There Goes A Man Who Leads In Letters
A Squall On The Sea Is A Stress Of Weather And A Squaller On Land Is A Songstress
When A Man Is Short Of Money He Finds Most Of His Friends Whom He Meets Short-sighted
In This Glorious Land Of The Free You Always Have To Pay For The Drinks In Order To Get A Whack At The Free Lunch
Do You Believe In Luck
A Butcher Knows How To Make Both Ends Meet
He--how Does It Happen That None Of You Women Have Come Forward With A New Currency Plan
Letters From A Soldier Of Fortune--i
Whether Tall Men Or Short Men Are Best Or Bold Men Or Modest And Shy Men I Can't Say But This I Protest All The Fair Are In Favor Of Hy-men
Did You Shoot Anything Henrick
What Was The Subject Of Your Debate This Evening
Do You Think The Elevator Boy Stole Your Watch
If The Devil Lost Its Tail Where Would He Go To Get Another One
Actor Friend (inquiring At Boarding House)--has Mr
He Dined Not Wisely But Too Well-- Hence All His Ills; And Nothing Now Agrees With Him Excepting Pills
Too Bad They Can't Train Cats To Understand Baseball Remarked The Fat Man To His Neighbor On The Bleachers
He Was A Genial Smiling Man And Fond Of Whisky Plain But When He Joined The Temperance Club He Never Smiled Again
Merchant (to His Confidential Clerk)--here's A Letter From Mr
Visitor--oh What A Nice Parrot You've Got
Newlywed-what Do Bachelors Know About Women
Wife-will You See That My Grave Is Kept Green My Darling
My Dentist Has An Eagle Eye And Vicious Tools He Hacks With He's Clever But I've Come To Think He'd Make A Better Blacksmith
Well Have You Anything To Say
Every Time I Get On A Ferry Boat It Makes Me Cross
--when Mrs
Doctor--you Are Fagged Out; You Must Give Up All Headwork
My Dear What Makes You Always Yawn
Why Does A Donkey Eat Thistles
Jones Caught The Hay Fever From Dancing With A Grass Widow
I See Villainy In Your Face Said A Judge To A Prisoner
Can You Give Me A Front Room On The First Floor
Mirrors Reflect Without Speaking And Women Often Speak Without Reflecting
I Don't Think My Religion Will Be Any Obstacle To Your Church He Urged; I Am A Spiritualist
The Tramp Should Never Complain Of Hunger When He Can Always Enjoy A Little Loaf
I Understand That Judge Brown Is Breaking Up Housekeeping
Casey Bet On A Horse Which Finished Last
Friend--do You Permit Your Wife To Have Her Own Way
She--they Say The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul I Believe
What Became Of That Girl You Made Love To In The Hammock
Boss Hab You Got Any Ob Dem Confound Cavortic Pills
Things Are Wrong Remarked The Observer Of Events And Things When A Reputable Physician Has To Pay Money For A Certificate To Practice And A Fourteen-year-old Girl With A New Piano Doesn't
Say Did You Ever Feel As If You Wanted To 'hit The Pipe
Have You Received Last Month's Gas Bill Dear
Where Did You Get That Hair On Your Coat
She--you Say Your Automobile Has Been Acting Strangely All Day
Only The Highest Element In Local Society Was Invited To The Ball
Sillicus--do You Think We Shall Know Each Other In The Hereafter
Some People Who Jump At Conclusions Lose Sight Of The Hurdles
She--you Can't Eat Cake And Keep It
He Said To Her: You're Just A Bird
As The Umpire Shouted Three Balls
A Watch's Fate Is Hard Indeed For When It's Not In Soak It's Set Back If It Gets Ahead And Scorned Whene'er It's Broke
Firemen As Well As Other People Like To Talk Of Their Flames
I Asked A Young Lady Living On Her Pa's Farm What They Did With All Their Fruit
What Is A Swell Affair Jim
And So Prof
Anything New In Your Neighborhood
A Farmer Once Called His Cow Zephyr She Seemed Such An Amiable Hephyr
How To Gain Flesh--buy Out A Butcher Shop
When The Curtain At The Theater Takes A Drop The Majority Of The Males In The Audience Go Out To Follow Suit
A Woman's Shoe That Is A Mile Too Big Is Never A Foot In Length
The Glazier Is Not Necessarily A Tiresome Man Because He Gives You A Pane
A Poacher Surprised At His Work And Pursued In His Escape By A Vengefully Thrown Axe Remarked As He Vaulted A Fence: I Have No Fault To Find With Your Remarks But I Object To The Axe-sent
You Have Been Losing Flesh Lately Haven't You
He--did You Ever See Anything At So-called Bargain Sales That Was Really Cheap
Guest--look Here Waiter Do You Call This A Spring Chicken
A Man With The Heart Disease Is About The Only Chap Who Desires A Regular Beat For A Bosom Friend
He--the Bride Looks Radiant As Brides Usually Do
Franklin--do You Know I Started In Life As A Barefooted Boy
Pat--who Is Being Lowered Into A Well; Sthop Will Ye Murphy
So Maude Is Happily Married
A Teacher In A High School Asked A Little Wad Of An Irish Boy To Describe A Lake
The Portrait Tumbled From The Wall And Hit The Young Man's Head
When A Couple Are About To Elope The Young Man Asks
An Irishman In Order To Celebrate The Advent Of A New Era Went Out On A Lark
Are You Intimate With Any Of The Nobility
Will The Coming Man Use Both Arms
Another Great Discovery Of Diamonds In Kentucky
Moses Schaumburg (to His Son Jackey)--how Many Are Twice Two Jackey
Everybody Knows A Woman Is Hard To Please
Each Evening A Good-looking Mr
Brown--young Dudel's Body Has Been Recovered
Widowhood Makes A Woman Unselfish
If Broomstick As Rumored Is In A Woman's Hands He May Be Booked To Beat The Favorite
Can I Sell You A Nice Cheap Trunk To-day
I Wish The Hot Weather Would Come Along Sighed The Thermometer
This Murmured The Demure Maiden When Her Lover Nudged Up Still Closer On The Sofa Is The Closest Call I've Ever Had
You Are Making Yourself Rather Officious In This Crowd Said A Burly Policeman To A Notorious Pickpocket
Did You Ever Catch Your Husband Flirting
The Girl Who Marries A Title Very Frequently Turns Her Fortune To A Count
We Don't Always Know Just How The Other Half Lives; But In Chicago The Better Half Lives On Her Alimony
Are Any Of The Colors Discernible To The Touch
Jackson Never Lights One Of His Cigars
Customer (to The Coal Dealer): Have You Got Any Name For Those Scales Of Yours
What Makes Your Sister So Stout Now She Used To Be Very Thin
What's The Matter With Smith
The First Impulse Of The Young Married Man On Being Presented With His First Baby Is To Give It A-weigh
A Young Lady In Philadelphia Is Said To Have Had Five Lovers All Named Samuel
There Is A Presbyterian In Jersey City So Openly Opposed To Baptism By Immersion That He Refuses To Carry A Waterbury Watch
City Niece--the Windows In Our New Church Are Stained
Say Dad What Is An Expert Accountant
He--time And Tide Wait For No Man
You Say His Wife's A Brunette
He's Quite A Star As An After Dinner Speaker Isn't He
What Do You Think Of Windig
Yes The Team Is Quite A Good One Mr
A Man Who Had Not The Best Reputation For Strict Veracity Died The Other Day And The Family Was Greatly Incensed Because Some Well-meaning Friends Sent In A Broken Lyre As A Floral Tribute
That Young Gentleman Has A Very Taking Manner Said One Young Lady To Another At A Party Of A Young Man Who Had Just Left Them
Guard--i Suppose When You Were In The Army You Often Saw A Picket Fence
Why The Bare Idea
That Said The Loaf Pointing To The Oven Is Where I Was Bred
The Rubber Plant Was Rubb'ring Round In A Manner Most Absurd: The Long Green Corn Prickled Up Her Ears And This Is What She Heard: Wot's Tomato Wid You You Beat
Husband--that Ice Box Of Ours Reminds Me Of A Good Pinochle Player
Landlady (proudly)--nothing Goes To Waste In This House
Do You Know George Papa Thinks You Are A Literary Man
Smith--they Say That After A Time The Engineer Of A Limited Flyer Loses His Nerve
Courtney--when You Proposed To Miss Dexter Did You Get Down On Your Knees
Did You Ever Hear About The Two Holes In Our Back-yard
First Doctor--well Doctor I Had A Peculiar Case To-day
Yes There Is One Part Of The Dough-nut That Wouldn't Give You Dyspepsia
And You Really Believe That Friday Is An Unlucky Day
Pat And Mike Each Wanted To Be First Up On St
She--why Do They Call It An Arm Of The Sea
What's The Matter John
I Wonder What The Holes In A Porous Plaster Are For
What Have You Got To Say For Yourself
I Cannot Play Second Fiddle To Any One
Clara--he Gave Me An Army-and-navy Kiss
The Only Remedy--mamma I Dess You'll Have To Turn The Hose On Me
Why Are Pugilists Like Chickens
Swatter--i See You Are Mentioned In One Of The Books Just Published
Customer--why Do You Call This Electric Cake
Coleridge Who Was A Bad Rider Was Accosted When On Horseback By A Wag Who Asked Him If He Knew What Happened To Balaam The Same Thing That Happened To Me--an Ass Spoke To Him
So You Were Bound And Gagged By Bandits While In Italy Were You
Old Lady (at A Ball Game)--why Do They Call That A Fowl
A Lady Was Looking For Her Husband And Inquired Anxiously Of A Housemaid Do You Happen To Know Anything Of Your Master's Whereabouts
Couples Making Love Will Beware Of The Rubber Plant
She Thinks That Her Husband Is Very Economical
What Is The Secret Of Success
Charlemagne Was In Need Of Amusement
Three Women May A Secret Keep If As It Has Been Said There's One Of The Lot Has Heard It Not And The Other Two Are Dead
Lawyer: Have You Conscientious Scruples Against Serving As A Juror Where The Penalty Is Death
A Maine Dealer Says He Has Sold More Skates This Season Than He Has Ever Sold Before In An Entire Season
Paw Can An Honest Man Play Poker
Why So Glum Blumly
He--then I Am To Understand That You Have Given Me The Mitten As It Were
Harold Began His Wife
Mother May I Go Out To Wheel
Betty, Why Do You Sit Up At This Hour Of The Night Darning Your Stockings
Butcher--i Need A Boy About Your Size And Will Give You $1 A Week
Bill Had A Billboard
Here Lies Poor Sam: And What Is Strange Grim Death Has Worked In Him A Change---- He Always Lied And Always Will He Once Lied Loud And Now Lies Still
Brown--i Hear That They Use All Sorts Of Materials In The Manufacture Of Illuminating Gas Nowadays
The Other Day The Head Of A Boarding-school Noticed One Of The Boys Wiping His Knife On The Table-cloth And Pounced On Him At Once
Pa Said Little Williewho Had Been Reading A Treatise On
Charley Dear Said Young Mrs
Mistress (to Cook Who Has Fallen Down Stairs)--i Hope That You Did Not Hurt Yourself Mary
She--i Think This A Lovely Hat You Bought Me George But Really It's A Sin To Pay $50
How Did You Cure Your Boy Of Swearing
He Who Courts And Goes Away May Court Again Another Day; But He Who Weds And Courts Girls Still May Go To Court Against His Will
Mary Had A Little Lamb But She Thought It Was Immense: With New Green Peas And Other Things It Cost Her Ninety Cents
The Kerosene Can On The Mantel Reposes Its Contents Were Sprinkled All Over The Fire And All That Poor Kathleen O'donohue Knows Is This Dull World Has Changed For A Sphere That Is Higher
As He Walked With Baby He Had To Confess That Marriage With Him Was A Howling Success
Seven Little Missionaries-- Horrible Their Fate-- Cannibals Picked Clean Their Bones Then They Were Ate
I Hate A Liar Wiggins Cried Said Jiggins Then 'twould Seem You Really Ought To Try And Hide Your Lack Of Self-esteem
Lady (after The Tramp Finishes Eating)--it's Merely A Suggestion--the Woodpile Is In The Back Yard
How To Make Your Trousers Last Make Your Coat And Waistcoat First
Dearest Whispered Cordelia After She Had Captured The Coveted Solitaire I Have A Confession To Make
The Wife (savagely)--don't Let Me Catch You Flirting
Elderly Man (greeting Former Acquaintance)--i Remember Your Face Perfectly Miss But Your Name Has Escaped Me
The Barber--did I Ever Shave You Before
Do You Think The Things One Eats Have A Direct Effect On One's Disposition
Bluff A Little Bluff A Little As You Go Your Way; Bluffing May Not Always Help You-- Many Times It May
A Queen Was She--the Beautiful Maid-- Beauty Or Wealth She Did Not Lack-- But The Game Was Euchre That Cupid Played And The Queen Was Won By A Jack
Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid
You Never Bought A Gold Brick Did You
I Was In The Depot Restaurant Of One Of The Great Railroads And Was Asked Why Am I Standing While Drinking My Coffee
John--i Went Into A Restaurant To-day
Jack--my Wife's A Fine Shot
Is A Howling Dog A Sign Of Death
There Was A Young Woman Named Hannah Who Put On A Great Many Airs She Stepped On A Peel Of Banana And Now She's Laid Up For Repairs
This Life's A Game Of Chance They Say: The Saw's More Sad Than Witty The Public Gathers 'round To Play The Trust Controls The Kitty
Now Comes The Question Which Will Make This Life A Bitter Cup
A Recent School Examination In England Elicited The Following Definitions: Noah's Wife Wrote One Boy Was Called Joan Of Arc
I'll Admit Said Mrs
An English Motorist Is Quoted As Saying That He Classed Pedestrians As The Quick And The Dead: Those Who Got Out Of The Way And Those Who Didn't
Two Irish Farmers Who Had Not Seen Each Other For A Long Time Met At A Fair
When The Old Man Is Shaking Down The Furnace Carrying Out The Ashes Feeding The Cat And Six Kittens And Making The Beds Remarked The Observer Of Events And Things Of Course He Is Too Busy To Hear His Daughter In The Parlor Singing: 'everybody Works Bu
Do You Believe In Transmigration Of Souls
At A West End Hotel One Of The Party Asked: Have You Got Any Celery Waiter
A Dude From St
I Want To Get A Head Of Cabbage Said The Man Who Had Been Sent To Market
Yes He's Got A Flying-machine Ready For A Trial Now And He's Trying Hard Not To Be Proud
Why Did You Insist On Only $99000 A Year As Your Salary
Jenks--why On Earth Did You Laugh So Heartily At That Ancient Jest Of Borem's
A Sporty Young Fellow Named Phipps Last Night Went To View The Eclipse
Mary Had A Little Waist Where Waists Were Meant To Grow And Everywhere The Fashions Went Her Waist Was Sure To Go
Mike--yus Poor Sullivan Is Dead
Why Do They Make Those Oriental Pipes With Bowls As Big As Water Pitchers
Pa What Branches Did You Take When You Went To School
The Governess--what Happened When The Man Killed The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg Margie
In My Business Said The Stock Broker It Is Impossible To Succeed Without Pluck
Tom--what's That
Special Rules For Guests
He's A Professional Grafter
I Saw A Sign In A Hardware Store To-day 'cast Iron Sinks
Let Me See Said The Minister
Have You Ever Met My Sister Louisa
The Street Car Lurched
Gee I Just Made A Bad Break Murmured The Chef As He Threw Away Some Rotten Eggs
You Ought To Sleep Well, You Lie So Easily
An Irishman Comes To This Country Remains Here Ten Years And Goes Back To Ireland And Dies
I Saw Some Delicious Apples Growing On A Tree This Morning
Attorney For The Defense--have You Ever Been Cross-examined Before
I'm Nearly Starved
I Saw A Big Rat In My Cook-stove And When I Went For My Revolver He Ran Out
I See Dorkins Has Got All Of His Seven Daughters Married Off
If You Should Die What Would You Do With Your Body
He--yes She Is Living Under An Assumed Name
Love They Say Is Blind
This Liver Is Awful Maud Said Mr
Railway Clerk--another Accident On The Road To-day Sir
Isaacs--undt Suppose Dey Did Send Us A Message From Mars How Could Dey Tell If We Got It
I Am Told Said She Saucily That Though You Are A Military Man You Are Afraid Of Powder
Pressed For Work--cider
We Should Never Complain Whatever May Befall Us Said The Minister
I'll Never Ask Another Woman To Marry Me As Long As I Live
They Say Corporations Have No Soul
Permit Me Then To Die At Your Feet
What's The Matter Here
Johnny--what Makes You Look So Tired
Oh Live And Let Live My Man
When Lot Found His Wife Transformed Into A Pillar Of Salt He Was Wise Enough To Let It Go At That And Not Take A Fresh One
A Telephone Girl Always Reminds Me Of A Pictured Saint
You Haven't A Cent And Yet Wish To Marry Miss Bilyan
Do You Think That As A Rule People Who Attend Theaters Are Superstitious
What Is The Best Way To Raise Cabbage
Dearest She Murmured I'm So Afraid You'll Change
Oh, The Sadness Of Her Sadness When She's Sad
Guest--what Have You Got
It's Very Puzzling Said A Worried Looking Woman To One Of Her Neighbors
I Sent A Dollar Last Week Said The Good Thing In Answer To That Advertisement Offering A Method Of Saving One-half My Gas Bills
Curious Isn't It
When You See A Young Man Cleaning A Girl's Bicycle They Are Engaged; But When You See The Operation Reversed They Are Married
What Is The Difference Between The Admission To A Dime Museum And The Admission To Sing Sing
Why Is A Railroad Train Like A Bedbug
I Must Admit Said The Mannish Girl That I'm Very Fond Of Men's Clothes
My Friend Said The Long-coated Old Man Solemnly Have You Made Preparation For The Day Of Judgment
Of The Heroine In One Of The Latest Sensational Novels It Is Said: Her Eyes Chained Him To The Spit
How Did That Fight Between The Bridge Tenders End
Mashington--what's The Matter With Your Clock
You Ought To Be Very Proud Of Your Wife
You Want A Divorce From Your Wife Do You
Don't Take A Bull By The Horns; Take Him By The Tail Then You Can Let Go Without Getting Some One To Help You
Would You Said The Reporter Who Gets Novel Interviews Tell Me What Book Helped You Most In Life
What Relation Is A Door-step To A Door-mat
Some Of Us Have More Ups And Downs In This World Than Others But When We Get To The Cemetery We Will All Be On The Dead Level
They Caught The Burglars That Robbed The Hotel Last Night
Mike D' I Ever Tell Ye The Story About The Dirty Window
Teacher--thomas Can You Tell Me Which Battle Nelson Was Killed In
What Is Love
Hush Not So Loud
An Art-school Student Recently Painted The Picture Of A Dog Under A Tree So Lifelike That It Was Impossible To Distinguish The Bark Of The Tree From That Of The Dog
She--you Used To Call Me The Light Of Your Life
He--don't You Think Miss Plainly Is The Very Image Of Her Mother
Telephone Operators Are Always Bound To Have The Last Word; That's Why Females Are Always Employed In That Capacity
Biggs--that Butcher Is An Awkward Fellow
Did The Minister Say Anything Comforting
Cityman--do They Keep A Servant Girl
What In The World Shall I Do With The Baby John
The Death Of Her Husband Must Have Been A Dreadful Blow To Mrs
Smith--there Is Something That Will Never Be Boycotted By The Fair Sex As Long As Time Lasts
There Is A Man Who Never Knew Such A Thing As Fear
First Comedian--did You Score A Hit With Your New Specialty
Wife--got A Dollar
Why Are You Sad Bill
--that Jersey Murderer Was Clever To Get Off As He Did Wasn't He
The Weary Desert Stretched For Miles
Askit-what Is A Convenient Fall Trip For Me To Take
Did You Hear About Miss Jones
What A Distinguished Looking Man
Thin Boarder--i Don't See How You Manage To Fare So Well At This Boarding-house
Jones--well We Had An Addition To Our Family Yesterday
An Irishman Was Planting Shade Trees When A Passing Lady Said: You're Digging Out The Holes Are You Mr
Tramp--can't You Give A Poor Man Something To Eat
Why Do All Bank Cashiers Run To Canada
If A Guest At A Restaurant Ordered A Lobster And Ate It And Another Guest Did The Same What Would The Latter's Telephone Number Be
Peters--are You Not Sick Of Hearing Everybody Sing That Popular Song
What Have You Here
Irish Stew Said The Restaurant Guest
Did You Know That Xanthippe Wife Of One Of The Greatest Of Ancient Philosophers Was A Great Scold
An Old-maid Being At A Loss For A Pin-cushion Made Use Of An Onion For The Purpose
Why Do You Call Him 'mr
Husband--i Am Going To Buy Two Little Children
This Wireless Telegraphy Reminds Me Of A Groundless Quarrel
Did You Go Into Any Of The New York Restaurants
I Hear They're Going To Change The Name Of Central Park To Orchard Park
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
An Old Lady, Being Told That A Certain Lawyer Was Lying
What I Like About The Irish Is That They Are So Modest And Unassuming
I Was At A Banquet Last Night
Rowley Powley Pudding And Pie Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry
Are You The Photographer
When Were Walking-sticks First Invented
--no Matter How High An Awning May Be Suspended It Is Only A Shade Above The Street
Dame Rumor Ought Frequently To Have Her Named Spelled Without The E
An Irish Doctor Advertises That The Deaf May Hear Of Him At A House In Liffey Street Where His Blind Patients May See Him From Ten Till Three
A Painter Who Fell Off A Scaffold With A Pot Of Paint In Each Hand Said: Well I Came Down With Flying Colors Anyhow
A Lady One Day Being In Need Of Some Small Change Called Down-stairs To The Cook And Enquired: Mary Have You Any 'coppers' Down There
She--they Say That Your Father Is A Millionaire
Mistress--i Am Not Quite Satisfied With Your References
There Was A Terrible Murder In The Hotel To-day
Well, Pat, And How Is That Bull-pup Of Yours Doing
My Lord Said The Foreman Of An Irish Jury When Giving In His Verdict We Find The Man Who Stole The Mare Not Guilty
A Woman Fell Overboard From A Ship Yesterday And A Shark Came Up And Looked Her Over And Went Away
See Here Sir Remonstrated The Young Gentleman I Got Up To Give My Seat To The Lady Not To You
Did You Have Any Trouble With Black Ants In Ireland Bridget
It's Thrue Said Paddy To Dennis One Day It Wor A Grand Soight
A Woman Never Fully Understands The Hardness Of The World Until She Falls Off A Bicycle A Few Times
Jonah's Experience With The Whale Is Proof That You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
What Man In The Army Wore The Biggest Hat
Aren't You Afraid Dear You'll Catch Cold In The Scanty Bathing Robe
Algy--charming Widow Isn't She
I Say Old Chap How Short Your Overcoat Is
Jim--why Do You Wear Your Stocking Wrong Side Outward
How Could You Endure Talking So Long With That Ugly Old Woman With That Frightful Costume Without Laughing In Her Face
The Modern Drummer Is Not Much Like The Month Of March
Say Pop Do People Take Snuff Nowadays
Bacon--what's That Thread Tied About Your Little Finger For
Cholly--ethel Knox Told Me Last Night I Wasn't Over Half-witted
A Man Who Drives Away Customers--the Cabman
Maud--how Do You Define Love
Sunday School Teacher--what Is Meant In The Parable By A House Built Upon A Rock
A Little Burn Makes A Big Smart Sometimes
There Are Many Sweet Entrancing Moments In This Life But When A Man Steps On Your Pet Corn You Do Not Experience One Of Them
Visitor--i Suppose You Have A Great Deal Of Poetry Sent Into You For Publication
--so Ethel Is To Marry That Young Bob Halstey; Why He Has Been Jilted By Half A Dozen Girls
They Cannot Be Complete In Aught Who Are Not Humorously Prone; A Man Without A Merry Thought Can Hardly Have A Funny Bone
Personal--'a Young Woman To Whom Black Is Particularly Becoming Would Like To Meet A Gentleman In Poor Health; Object Widowhood
The House A Lawyer Once Enjoy'd
Teacher--yes Dear; Ova Refers To An Egg
She--are You Fond Of Tea
When The Penniless Lordling To Get A Rich Wife Of His Own Nationality Fails He Crosses The Ocean With Heart Light And Gay And Robs The United States Males
That Sounds Like The Charity Bawl Said The Nurse As The Babies In The Orphan Asylum Began To Yell
Condon--have You Been Cured Of That Last Attack Of Malaria
Yankee--i Say Britisher Can You Spell Horse
A Tramp Asked A Farmer For Something To Eat One Day As He Chanced There To Stop The Kind Hearted Farmer Went Out To The Shed And Gave Him An Axe And Feelingly Said: Now Just Help Yourself To A Chop
Sailors Are Not Fond Of Agricultural Implements Usually But They Always Welcome The Cry Of Land-hoe
Castles In The Air Are Walled In By Fancy Remarked The Poet
A Man Aroused His Wife From A Sound Sleep The Other Night Saying That He Had Seen A Ghost In The Shape Of A Donkey
Gee Whizz
With Cards And Dice And Dress And Friends My Savings Are Complete; I Light The Candle At Both Ends And Thus Make Both Ends Meet
Lawyers Practice At The Bar While Bartenders And Mosquitoes Practice Inside Of It
Adversity Is Not Without Comfort--your Enemy May Be In Harder Luck Than You
A Beautiful Lassie Named Florence Once Wept Till Her Tears Flowed In Torence
Grace--fred And Mabel Are Not On Speaking Terms Any More
Haven't I Told You Before He Cried To Sing Out The Names Of Stations Clearly And Distinctly
That Man Has Had Five Wives
A Boil In The Pot Is Worth Two On The Neck
I'm Very Much Surprised Quoth Harry That Jane A Gambler Should Marry
An Irishman Wandering Up Fifth Avenue Saw In The Window Of A Photographer's Shop A Large Photograph Of Mephisto
He--the Fact Is You Women Make Fools Of The Men
The Doctor--you Regard Society As Merely A Machine Do You
Slopay--and Doctor If You Will I Wish You Would Give Me Something To Help My Memory
What Must A Man Be That He Shall Be Buried With Military Honors
We Have German Bands And French Bands And American Bands But You Never Hear Of An Irish Band
Tommy--yes Cats Can See In The Dark And So Can Ethel; 'cause When Mr
Oh I Am Awfully Worried
She Wants To Be Punctual Always On Time So Carries Her Watch Where She Goes
Only A Silver Watch Said The Pawnbroker
Dear Said The Physician's Wife When Can You Let Me Have Ten Dollars
And Did You Never Kiss A Girl Under The Mistletoe
Haughty Lady--(who Has Purchased A Stamp)-must I Put It On Myself
Well I See Admiral Dewey's Rank Is Reduced
I Hope They Don't Give My Little Boy Any Naughty Nicknames In School
How Is Uncle Mose Coming On
John Can You Tell Me The Difference Between Attraction Of Gravitation And Attraction Of Cohesion
After A Man Has Had Occasion To Employ A First-class Lawyer It Is Useless To Tell Him That Talk Is Cheap
A Man Stole A Harness The Other Day And Never Left A Trace
Doing Anything Now Bill
Of All The Saws That I Ever Saw Saw I Never Saw A Saw Saw Like This Saw Saws
Don't Pen Missives To Your Best Girl On Postal Cards
I Know A Man Who Says He Can't Sit Down And He Can't Stand Up
A Mechanic His Labor Will Often Discard
One Day In The Dining-car The Boy Across The Aisle Got To Laughing So He Couldn't Stop
My Face Is My Fortune Sir She Said But Her Suitor Saw Right Through Her; She Meant She Could Not Cash A Check Unless The Banker Knew Her
That Was A Pretty Good Dog Story Wasn't It
And You Really Think That A Miss Is As Good As A Mile
I'm Not Surprised That Hair-dressers Feel So Much At Ease In The Society Of The Great
Boy (with New Gun)--pa Has A Cat Got Nine Lives
Did You Hear The Story About The Peacock
Why Is A Kiss Like The Three Graces
In Choosing A Wife Said The Scanty-haired Philosopher One Should Never Judge By Appearances
It Was This A-way Jedge: Ye See I Doled De Cards And Jim Brown He Had A Pah Of Aces And A Pah Of Kings
You Are Absolutely Certain About Your Statement
Massachusetts Is Noted For Boots And Shoes
She--a Writer Says That In Order To Succeed A Man Must Be Ninety-five Per Cent
Some Fellows Marry Poor Girls To Settle Down And Others Marry Rich Ones To Settle Up
It's A Dridful Bother To Me That I Have To Be Sewing Buttons On Me Own Clothes
Says His Lordship To Thomas Your Rent I Must Raise I'm So Plaguily Pinch'd For The Pelf
Sentimental Wife--last Night I Dreamt That I Was In Heaven
A Frankfort Man Has Written A Farce Comedy Called Vaccine
Husband--where's Your Mistress
Pa What Does Sioux Falls S
After Wedding A Rich Heiress Price Said Gambling's A Terrible Vice But One Thing I Know This Matching For Dough Is A Thing That's Exceedingly Nice
The Speaker Of The House Is In Deadly Peril When Every Member On The Floor Wants To Get His Eye
Regular Caller--i'd Like To See Your Father Tommy If He Isn't Engaged
There's A Great Art Says Mickey Dolan In Knowing What Not To Know Whin Yez Don't Want To Know It
Young Ladies Who Feel Anxious To Preserve The Most Symmetrical Anatomical Proportions Should Never Be In A Hurry
I Don't Give A Rap Said The Coachman Haughtily As He Rang The Electric Bell
Are You Engaged
Ida--yes Dear This Is One Of Those 'perfume' Concerts The Same As They Have In New York
There's One Peculiar Feature About The Trust Business
Full Many A Coat Tail That Is Long And Wide Does From The Public Gaze Two Monstrous Patches Hide
Some Men Are Easily Satisfied Remarked The Observer Of Events And Things
Take Away My First Letter Take Away My Second Letter Take Away All My Letters And I Am Still The Same
An Emblem Of Tenuity We Witness Every Day; Behold The Corset-and You'll See The Whale-bone Comes To Stay
Teacher Of Drawing Class--willie Tell Me How You Would Make A Maltese Cross
About The Only Time My Tailor Gives His Customers Regular Fit Said Buttons Is When They Neglect To Pay Their Bills
The Landlord Came To Mrs
She--you Look As Though You Had Raised Ned At Your Club Last Night
Before Marriage Women Wants Tenderness
It Is A Maine Husband Who Has Dubbed His Wife Crystal Because She Is Always On The Watch
Two Hebrews Went To A Mills Hotel And Were Obliged To Take A Bath Before Retiring
The First Kiss Only Comes Once In A Lifetime
The Fact That A Man Has Not Cut His Hair For Ten Or Twelve Years Need Not Necessarily Imply That He Is Eccentric
I Will Not Sit That Way
Good Gracious Said The Hen When She Discovered A Porcelain Egg On The Nest
Electricity Is A Great Educator
I Hear Smith The Sea Captain Is In Hard Luck
What Makes So Much Froth In A Glass Of Beer Pa
'tis Now The Wily Urchin Mocks The Lynx-eyed Cop Along The Docks And Plunges In The Cooling Tide Arrayed In Naught Else But His Hide
I Wonder Why Blondes Are Always Anxious To Be Wedded
Do You Know The Nature Of An Oath Ma'am
Yes I Have Seen The Day When Mr
The Judge Asked An Irish Policeman Named O'connell When Did You Last See Your Sister
Brown--what Kind Of A Cigar Is That Old Man
We Are Told That Gen
I Wouldn't Stand For That If I Were You
The Rapidity Of Ocean Transport Is Becoming Truly Marvelous
The Slats Of The Shutter Of Our Office-window Are In A Dilapidated Condition
A Deaf And Dumb Mute Recently Went Into A Bicycle Shop And Picked Up A Hub And Spoke
There Appears To Be No Affinity Between The Prestidigitator And The Theatrical Manager Yet They Both Make Passes
What Did De Lady Do When Yer Asked Her For An Old Collar
What Is There About Betting On Horse-races That Is So Bad For The Health
Jones The Dentist Ought To Make A Good Poker Player
First Senior--heard About Exsheff
Jack--are You A Suitor For Miss Juliet's Hand
Business Men Who Marry Their Typewriter Girls Are Apt To Find That The Young Women Are Not So Ready To Submit To Dictation After The Wedding
You Should Sleep On Your Right Side Madam
The Following Is A Resolution Of An Irish Corporation: That A New Jail Should Be Built That This Be Done Out Of The Material Of The Old One And The Old Jail To Be Used Until The New One Be Completed
Don't You Find It Easier To Shave Some Men Than Others
Some Men Get Up With The Lark While Others Want A Swallow The First Thing In The Morning
Sing Not To Me Of Falling Dew Upon The Purple Hills For I Am Worried Far Too Much By Falling Due Of Bills
Miss Prim Is A Very Proper Young Lady
Dick--do You Think You'll Have Much Trouble In Popping The Question
Here Is A Chestnut Your Ire Arouses So Often It's Brought To Your Minds People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Always Pull Down The Blinds
The Old Lady Who Sent As Presents To A Newly-married Couple A Rolling-pin A Pain Of Flat-irons And A Motto Inscribed Fight On Must Have A Grudge Against Them
It's Been A Coal Day When You're Left Said The Kindling-wood To The Cinder
Kid--did The Dogs Ever Bite You
A Simple Old Farmer Mcveagh Whom Every One Said Was A Jeagh Fell In With A Man On The Confidence Plan And Now He Is Back Making Heagh
Bess--may Wears The Worst Clothes When She Is Riding Horseback
First Fly--did It Ever Occur To You The Baldheaded Men Have A Keener Sense Of Humor Than Others
Why Do You Call Your Dog Hardware
He: Do You Know Dear You Remind Me Of Huyler's Candy
If Said The Druggist You Will Give This New Tonic A Trial I'm Sure You Will Never Use Any Other
Student--professor Which Is The Logical Way Of Reaching A Conclusion
What Do You Mean By Referring To Miss Elderly As A Pall-bearer
Kicksy--wife Can You Tell Me Why I Am Like A Hen
Old Jones Was Killed Last Night By A Dew-drop
Fred--did You Hear Of The Western Furniture Co
Fannie--why Do People Always Apply The Name Of She To A City
Are You An Amateur Photographer
Sibly--when Steve Proposed To Me He Acted Like A Fish Out Of Water
The Sunshine Warm And Budding Trees Made Johnny Feel Quite Gay
Can You Swim Little Boy
It's A Good Idea To Make Light Of Your Troubles
So Her Second Husband Is A Tenor
Jimson--now You Wouldn't Marry Me Would You
Young Man Don't You Know You Ought To Lay Something By For A Rainy Day
He--i Saw You Out Driving Yesterday With A Gentleman
May--i Wonder What The Men Do At The Club
Do You Go To Church To Hear The Sermon Or The Music Maude
That Tenor Of Yours Has A Marvelous Voice
Mother--what Did Your Father Say When He Saw His Broken Pipe
An Excellent Reason
Men Are Deceivers As A Rule
Have You Much Room In Your New Flat
She Heard The Fog-horn Blowing And What Is That
I Saw Your Sister On The Street To-day
He Kissed Her On The Cheek; It Seemed A Harmless Frolic; He's Been Laid Up A Week-- They Say With Painter's Colic
A Certain Young Man Told His Girl The Other Night That If She Didn't Marry Him He'd Get A Rope And Hang Himself Right In Front Of Her Home
Lovett--you Don't Believe In Divorce Then
Cohen Left The Ball-game
Alas For All Their Ecstasy They Knew Not What Was Best: The Young Man Reached The Front Door The Old Man Did The Rest
If Pearl Street Is Crooked
Little Mary Quite Contrary
Hey Boy Where's Your Brother
Customer: You Have A Sign In Your Window 'a Suit Of Clothes Made While You Wait
Now Why Remarked The Little Dog In Speaking To The Tree Would You Say That The Heart Of You Is Like The Tail Of Me
A Prominent Man Called To Condone With A Lady On The Death Of Her Husband And Concluded By Saying Did He Leave You Much
Tommy--pa Did You Really Mean It When You Said You'd Spank Anyone That Broke That Vase
I'd Like To See Your Mistress
Me Eyes Is Crossed Sighed Kate
John--say Do You Want To Get Next To A Scheme For Making Money Fast
He Always Kneeled Before The Maid And Kissed Her Finger Tips; But He Lost Out
A Man And His Bride By The Parson Were Tied And When The Performance Was Done Alas
We're All Often Forced To Rob Peter In Order To Settle With Paul But Some Of Us Merely Rob Peter And Paul Never Sees Us At All
Knock And The World Knocks With You
Ma What Is A Panama Man Called
A Notice At A Small Depot Near Manchester Reads: Passengers Are Requested To Cross Over The Railway By The Subway
Little Willie--papa Why Does The Railway Company Have Those Cases With The Ax And Saw In Every Car
He Seems To Have Gone To The Bad Completely
The Spinster--how Many Lodges Did You Say Your Husband Belonged To
Judge--you Are Charged With Profanity
Kind Lady Remarked The Weary Wayfarer Can You Oblige Me With Something To Eat
Said She How Beautiful Is Nature
The Stork Is A Bird With A Great Big Bill; He Brings Us The Babies Whenever He Will; Then Comes The Doctor And When He Is Through You Find That He Has A Big Bill Too
If Tough Spells Tough
He Called Her An Angel Before They Were Wed But That Alas
These Verses Make No Sense Said She; I Can't Tell What They Mean
They Say The Baby Looks Like Me A Circumstance I Dreaded But The Only Likeness I Can See Is That We're Both Bald-headed
I Once Saw A Man At A Meeting Of A Mothers' Club
The Butcher Is A Fair Minded Fellow
So You Paid $1,000 For A Cook Stove
Medium--do You Believe In Spirits
The Fate Of Lot's Wife Was All Her Own Fault; She First Turned To Rubber And Then Turned To Salt
He Used To Send Her Roses; He Sent Them Every Hour But Now They're Married And He Sends Her Home A Cauliflower
Her Face Was Happy His Face Was Stern; Her Hand Was In His'n His'n Was In Her'n
A Man Wanted A Ticket To New York And Only Had A $2 Bill
No Indeed She Said I Can Never Be Your Wife
What Sort Of Labor Is Best Paid In This Country
George--i Can't Understand Why My Girl Shook Me
Speaking Of Accommodating Hotel Clerks Remarked A Portland Commercial Traveller The Best I Ever Saw Was In A Town Near Bangor
Why Don't You Demand $50000 Instead Of $5000
Friend Of Mine To-day Said Mr
Yes Dear Said The Petted Young Wife Examining Her Christmas Gift These Diamond Earrings Are Pretty But The Stones Are Awfully Small
A Bashful Young Couple Who Were Evidently Very Much In Love Entered A Crowded Street Car In Boston The Other Day
I Assured Her I Could Support Her In The Style She Was Accustomed To
After All You Know Said Mr
Yeast--did You Ever Try To Dye Eggs
How Is Your House Heated
I'll Pass The Butter Said He While Trying To Pass The Browsing Goat
He Has None Of The Finer Sensibilities Nothing To Distinguish Him From The Common Herd
Tom--i Kissed Her When She Wasn't Looking
There Is As Much Strength In An Egg As In A Pound Of Meat
For Mercy Sake Don't Put Me Near Old Billions
This Is An Interesting Clock Miss Said The Salesman You Really Should Have One Especially If You're Bothered With Tiresome Callers
You Shouldn't Drink Your Whiskey Without Water
The Detective At The Boarding House Table Having Satisfied Himself That Nobody Had Observed Him Folded Up His Magnifying Glass And Put It Back In His Pocket
Did You Ever Consider The Case Of The Boy Who Stood On The Burning Deck
Our New Congressman Has Made Himself Very Popular
Servant--the Plumber Says This Check Should Be $5 More
Yes Indeed He's The Homeliest Man In Public Life To-day