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A Walking Stick
White Teeth
An Honor To Tipperary
Welsh Wig-ging
A New Sign
An East Indian Chaplaincy
Witty Coward
Changing His Coat
Quid Pro Quo

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New Relationship
A Short Journey
Henry Erskine
Scotch Wut
A Good Reason
The Tanner; An Epigram
A Comparison
Brotherly Love
Inquest Extraordinary
Cause And Effect
A Nice Distinction
Very Likely
All The Difference
Quid Pro Quo


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The Rising Son
A Bad Example
Comparisons Are Odious
No Harm Done
Changing His Coat
New Relationship
A Difference
A Constitutional Pun
Spiritual And Spirituous
A Wise Son Who Knew His Own Father
Well Matched
Three Causes
A Symbol
A Horse Laugh
A Novel Complaint
A Portrait Capitally Executed
Pleasant Invitation
One For His Nob
Come Of Age
Up In The World
A Dogged Answer
Passing The Bottle
A Weak Woman
Look In His Face
An Extinguisher
Wise Precaution
Mistaken Identity
A Capital Letter
Subtraction And Addition
A Late Edition
Three Touchstones
Bear And Van
Proving Their Metal
Sound Sleeper
A Banker's Check
Black Oils
A Grave Doctor
The Saddle On The Right Horse
Home Is Home
A Climax
Not Right
He Lies Like Truth
Vast Domain
Cheese And Dessert
The Mixture As Before
A Fall In Mitres
A Bad Harvest
Neck Or Nothing
Quite Perfection
A Family Party
Popping The Question
The Prince Of Orange And Judge Jefferies
Cap This
On A Stone Thrown At A Very Great Man But Which Missed Him
Welsh Wig-ging
In Suspense
Artificial Heat
The Two Smiths
The Purser
New Way To Pay Old Debts
Flattery Turned To Advantage
Critical Politeness
A Cabal
A Doubtful Compliment
The Retort Cutting
A Love Song By Dean Swift
A Happy Suggestion
An Eye To Profit
Barry's Powers Of Pleasing
Sentence Of Death
Worth The Money
Not _versus_ Nott
The Pink Of Politeness
City Love
Lord Chesterfield
On A New Duke
Quin's Soliloquy On Seeing The Embalmed Body Of Duke
A Pretty Picture
Dunning And Lord Mansfield
Changing His Line
An Odd Comparison
Cause Of Absence
A Familiar Illustration
Transposing A Compliment
Waste Of Time
Twofold Illustration
Maids And Wives
Tragedy Ms
Rare Virtue
A Sheepish Compliment
Farmer And Attorney
Measuring His Distance
Brotherly Love
On A Bad Man
A Knotty Point
Emperor Of China
An Ugly Dog
Female Talkers
The Anglo-french Alliance
A Good Reason
The Ruling Passion After Death
Caliban's Looking-glass
French Precipitation
Old Stories Over Again
_i_ Have! Shouted A
Shaking Hands
On Farren The Actor
Warning To Ladies
A Fair Repulse
The Bishop And His Portmanteau
Blowing A Nose
Tory Liberality
A Just Debtor
Cutting His Coat
Any Port In A Storm
Not So Bad For A King
None So Blind Etc
Couleur De Rose
Extremes Meet
Hesitation In His Writing
Natural Transmutation
Question And Answer
The Cart Before The Horse
A Rub At A Rascal
An Architectural Pun
A Provident Boy
A Woman's Promises
Royal Favor
The Worst Of All Crimes
Bright And Sharp
Human Happiness
A Deserved Retort
A Common Case
Too Cold To Change
A Neat Quotation
An Unre-hearsed Effect
Balancing Accounts
Scotch Understanding
An Introductory Ceremony
Contraband Scotchman
A Place Wanted
Sign Of Being Cracked
An Odd Fellow
Knowing His Place
Cutting On Both Sides
Catching Him Up
A Book Case
Reason For Going To Church
Stone Blind
Dr Johnson Without Variation
A Home Argument
Wignell The Actor
A Cold Compliment
Full Proof
A Prophecy
Family Pride
Way Of The World
Modest Merit
Cambridge Etiquette
Two Of A Trade
Milesian Advice
The Debt Paid
A Compliment Ill-received
A Good Reason
On A Lady Who Squinted
Democratic Vision
Light Bread
On Charles Kean The Actor
A Quakerly Objection
Epigram On The Death Of Foote
A Broad-brim Hint
Epigram From The Italian
Fishing For A Compliment
Simplicity Of The Learned Porson
Keen Reply
A Certainty
A Broad Hint
Quite True
The Polite Scholar
Quid Pro Quo
An Anecdote
Extreme Simplicity
As You Like It
The Duke Of Wellington And The Aurist
Advertisement Extraordinary
Partnership Dissolved
A Seasonable Joke
A Considerate Son
Putting A Stop To Pilgrim's Progress
A Sudden Change
A Useful Ally
Wilkie's Simplicity
Knowing His Man
Domestic Economy
A Bad Label
Moral Equality Of Man
Epigram By A Plucked Man
Foote And Lord Townsend
An Honest Warranty
Blotting It Out
A Nice Distinction
Wit Defined
A Bad Customer
A Base One
Theatrical Mistakes
Caledonian Comfort
A Lawyer's Opinion Of Law
Unremitting Kindness
A Truth For The Ladies
A Gretna Customer
Black Letter
A Reasonable Request
Very Pretty
Inquests Extraordinary
Feeling His Way
Sydney Smith
A Fair Proposal
A Satisfactory Total
Sleeping Round
Not So Easy
The Republic Of Learning
Pence Table
A Safe Appeal
The Sword And The Scabbard
The College Bell!
The Rivals
Late Dinner
Time Works Wonders
The Spirit And The Letter
Driving It Home
A Piece Of Plate
A Good Critic
A Slight Eruption
A Timely Reproof
A Satisfactory Reason
An Absent Man
A Proper Retort
On Jekyll Nearly Being Thrown Down By A Very Small Pig
Dean Swift And King William
Eloquent Silence
Naval Oratory
The Iron Duke
Extenuating Circumstances
Nice Language
Imitation Of A Cow
Thurlow And Pitt
A Happy Man
A Clear Case
Piece De Resistance
True Wit
Theatrical Wit
Busy Bodies
The Force Of Habit
A Literal Joke
The Candle And Lantern
Keeping A Conscience
Portmanteau _v_ Trunk
Hook's Politeness
Old Times
Johnson And Mrs Siddons
A Genuine Irish Bull
Paying In Kind
The Late Lord Audley
A Scotch Medium
Perfect Discontent
A Pious Minister
Who's The Fool?
A Great Difference
Inquestnot Extraordinary
The Truth At Last
Rather Hard
A Question Of Time
Concurrent Events
Short And Sharp
A Good One
A Word To The Wise
Easily Answered
Dodging A Creditor
Who's To Blame
Truth And Rhyme
Mad Quakers
A Letter Wanting
A Promise To Pay
A Suggestive Present
Wet And Dry
A Budget Of Blunders
A Strange Objection
Making A Clearance
A Phonetic Joke
Good News For The Chancellor
Justice Not Always Blind
A Spare Man
Royal Pun
Spranger Barry
Measure For Measure
Legal Adulteration
Salisbury Cathedral Spire
Liston's Dream
A Suggestive Question
Par Nobile Fratrum
A Settler
Lawyer's House
Ebenezer Adams
A Fig For The Grocer!
Gently Jemmy
Quiet Theft
Criticising A Statue
Fatigue Duty
A Bad End
Accommodating Principles
Very Like A Whale
False Quantities
The Railroad Engineer
Trade Against Land
Dr Young
Save Us From Our Friends
Cooke's Explanation Of The Family Plate
A Medical Opinion
What's Going On?
Two Make A Pair
A Black Joke
Advice Gratis
Licensed To Kill
A Pat Reply
Rather Saucy
Euclid Refuted
Bred On The Boards
An Effort Of Memory
A Rowland For An Oliver
A Rake's Economy
'mine's A Good 'un Too' Rejoined He; 'and I'll Trot You To
A Taste Of Marriage
The Philanthropist
Nil Nisi Etc
Thereby Hangs Etc
A Question For The Peerage
Short Measure
A Dilemma
A Cheap Watch
Attending To A Wish
Canine Poetry
Night And Morning
A Short Journey
Value Of Applause
A Good Swimmer
Lord Clonmel
Corruptly Incorruptible
Good Authority
No Judge
A Musical Blow-up
Proper Distinction
Slack Payment
Patrick Henry
Our English Love Of Dinners
Equal To Nothing
Extraordinary Compromise
The Birth Of A Prince
Brief Correspondence
A Colorable Excuse
A Wonderful Cure
Choice Spirits
Impromptu By Rb Sheridan
A Forgetful Man
An Unfortunate Lover
A Bad Lot
Leg Wit
A Sinecure
Where Is The Audience?
Agricultural Experiences
A Stop Watch
The Orators
Few Friends
Essay On Man
Highland Politeness
Not Insured Against Fire
A Proverb Reversed
A Hard Hit
Money's Worth
A Growl
A Difficult Task
A Lusus Naturae
Species And Specie
The Poet Foiled
Vice Versa
A Hint For Genealogists
An Impossible Renunciation
A Proud Heart
Charles Ii And Milton
Puppies Never See Till They Are Nine Days Old
Confidencetaken From The French
Will And The Way
Bewick The Engraver
A Disappointing Subscriber
A Runaway Knock
The Wheel Of Fortune
Charitable Wit
An Ingenious Device
A Change For The Better
A Suggestive Pair Of Grays
A Good Neighbor
A Wise Fool
Lie For Lie
Advice To A Dramatist
Nothing To Laugh At
A Judge In A Fog
Only Enough For One
A New Reading
G A'b
A Transformation Scene
G A'b
Solomon's Temple
A Poser
Fair Play
The Honest Man's Litany
Men Of Letters
Snug Lying
Good Hearing
Hoaxing An Audience
Not At Home
Why Are Women Beardless?
Pertinent Inquiry
A Certain Crop
Mr Thelwall
A Query For Mr Babbage
Things By Their Right Names
A Good Joke
Good Advice
Dr Sims
Benefit Of Competition
Quantum Suff
An Irishman's Plea
Generosity And Prudence
Odd Reason
Ominous Very!
On An Mp Who Recently Got His Election At The Sacrifice
Lingual Infection
Brevity Of Charity
Hard Of Digestion
Sailor's Wedding
The Truth By Accident
False Estimate
Taking A Hint
The Ruling Passion
A Short Creed
Not To Be Tempted
Corporation Politeness
Large But Not Large Enough
Epitaph On A Miser
Too Fast
A Transporting Subject
Painting And Medicine
Candid On Both Sides
Doing Homage
Too Grateful
Odd Housekeeping
Pot Valiant
A Bad Preacher
A Poser
The Dancing Prelates
Yes Of One Earthen You May
Good Evidence
Quin And The Parson
Not Necessary
On Shelley's Poem Prometheus Unbound
A Graceful Illustration
In Want Of A Husband
The Reason Why
Bark And Bite
Small Wit
Making Progress
Sir Thomas Coulson
Motherly Remark
A Balance
On Mr Gully Being Returned Mp For Pontefract
A Comparison
A Good Investment
Entering The Lists
Witty Coward
Should Not Silence Give Consent?
An Error Corrected
A Mystery Cleared Up
How To Escape Taxation
More Honored In The Breach
On Mr Milton The Livery Stable-keeper
Spare The Rod
Epigram On A Petit-maitre Physician
Elliston And George Iv
A Reasonable Refusal
Value Of Nothing
Mind Your Points
No Matter What Color
A Dangerous Generalization
Vera Cannie
The Abbey Church At Bath
Sharp If Not Pleasant
Speaking Of Sausages
A Perfect Bore
Our Landlady
Saving Time
National Prejudice
The Letter C
An Agreeable Practice
Legal Extravagance
Plain Speaking
Much Alike
Wellington Surprised
A Light Joke
A Model Philanthropist
True And False
A Fool Confirmed
Alere Flamman
Soldiers' Wives
A Good Likeness
Very Shocking If True
A Good Appetite
An Advantageous Tithe
A New View
A Philosophical Reason
Jemmy Gordon
A Settled Point
Paying In Kind
Rather The Worst Half
A Wonderful Sight
Trying To The Temper
A Will And Away
Ready Reckoner
Typographical Wit
An Insurmountable Difficulty
Too Liberal
True Dignity
Sharp Boy
Rather A-curate
The Richmond Hoax
I Can Get Through
Fiction And Truth
A Full Stop
A Calculation
Nothing But Hebrew
Quid Pro Quo
Plain Enough
True Criticism
Well Said
Sheridan Convivial
Quid Pro Quo
Seeing Not Believing
Burke's Tediousness
Fortunate Stars
Quite At Ease
Clearing Emigrants
Outline Of An Ambassador
A Comparison
Not Sick Enough For That
Getting A Living
Indifference To Life
A Dull Man
A Pleasant Partner
Excusable Fear
A Flash Of Wit
A Military Axiom
Not To Be Done Brown
A Sure Take
Difference Of Opinion
A Short Journey
Rather Ethereal
Melodramatic Hit
A Long Illness
What's In A Name?
Important To Bachelors
1dbeing 15l 9s 11d In Favor Of _chin-surveying_
Powder Without Ball
Opposite Tempers
A Queer Expression
A Participation In A Practical Joke
A Prefix
Sir Walter Scott's Parritch-pan
A Literary Rendering
Dr Glynn's Receipt For Dressing A Cucumber
Severe Rebuke
Inadvertence And Epicurism
A Jew's Eye To Business
True Of Both
Very Appropriate
White Hands
Sir Walter Scott And Constable
Answered At Once
Equality Of The Law
Open Confession
On Dr Lettsom
Irish And Scotch Loyalty
On Bloomfield The Poet
Irish Imprudence
A False Face True
The Safe Side
Reason For Thick Ankles
Something To Be Proud Of
A Fortunate Expedient
What Everybody Does
On Mr Pitt's Being Pelted By The Mob On Lord Mayor's
Excuse For Cowardice
Neighborly Politeness
A Syllabic Difference
On A Gentleman Named Heddy
Above Proof
Miss Wilberforce
A Cool Proposition
The Grandson
To Lady Mount E On The Death Of A Favorite Pig
Brotherly Love
Conservative Logic
A Valuable Beaver
Up And Down
Out Of Spirits
An Easy Way
Very Easy
Small Talk
Only For Life
On Sir Walter Scott's Poem Of Waterloo
What's My Thought Like?
A Barber Shaved By A Lawyer
Specimen Of The Laconic
Error In Judgment
The Money-borrower Deceived
Industry Of The English People
On The Disappointment Of The Whig Associates Of The Prince
The Lame Beggar
Sought And Found
A Remarkable Echo
A Pertinent Question
The Amende Honorable
Military Eloquence
An Expensive Trip
A Reason
Just As Wonderful
Question Answered
Inquest Extraordinary
One Fault
Nothing To Boast Of
A Closer
Knowing His Man
A Wooden Joke
Theatrical Purgations
The Principle Of Governments
Cooking His Goose
The Wide Wide Sea
On A Squinting Poetess
Scotch Wut
Quin And Charles I
Epigram On Two Contractors
An Unconscious Insult
New Relationship
Dr Walcot's Request For Ivory Tickets Sent To Shield The
A Professional Aim
An Entertaining Proposition
A Dear Speaker
Proof Positive
In Memoriam
A Sharp Brush
Picking Pockets
Smoothing It Down
A Hopeless Invasion
Men Of Weight
An Apish Resemblance
Death-bed Forgiveness
A Dear Bargain
No Intrusion
Not At All Anxious
A Ticklish Opening
An Offensive Preference
An Illegal Indorsement
A Painful Examination
Information Easily Acquired
Charity And Inconvenience
On The Spot
A Shuffling Answer
A Utilitarian Inquiry
A Familiar Friend
Professional Candor
Fashion And Virtue
Why Master Of The House
A Late Discoverer
Profession And Practice
Wonderful Unanimity
A Typographical Transfer
Going To Extremes
Justice Midas
Law And Physic
Keeping It To Himself
A Preferable Way
A Choice Of Evils
A Chartist Not A Leveller
An Evasion
Defining A Creed
Priest's Orders
Always The Better
Off With His Head
Dry Humor
As Black As He Could Be Painted
Pulling Up A Poet
Witty Thanksgiving
A Reason For Not Moving
Nothing Surprising
A Humorist Piqued
An Unexpected Cannonade
A Word In Season
A Satisfactory Explanation
A Climax
Sermons In Stones
Law And The Scottish Thane
A Reason For Polygamy
A Terrible Possibility
A Small Joke
Poor Law
A Fair Distribution
G A'b
A Simile
Aspiring Poverty
Sudden Freedom
The Sun In His Eye
Well Turned
A Merry Thought
Wearing Away
A Base Joke
On Cardinal Wolsey
A Witty Proposition
Long Ago
Political Logic
A Point Needing To Be Settled
An Anticipated Calamity
Dry But Not Thirsty
A Jury Case
The Ruling Passion Strong In Death
Professional Recognition
Destitution Of The Smith Family
An Inevitable Misfortune
A Problem For Total Abstainers
A Pun With An Irish Accent
The Doubt Explained
A One-sided Joke
A Question Of Descent
A Rule Of Practice
Literary Pastime
An Equivocal Preference
Acres And Wiseacres
A Reason For Being Too Late
An Ample Apology
A Superfluous Scraper
Garth And Rowe
Interested Inquiry
City Glutton
A Convenient Theory
Philip Earl Of Stanhope
Whitbread's Entire
A Grim Joke
Genuine Laziness
Gone Out
Mr Charles Yorke
Charles James Fox
Existence Of Matter
Quaint Epitaph
Good Enough For A Pig
Too Much At Once
Possible Censors
Double Sight
A Conversational Epigram
A Royal Jest
A Joke From The North
An Affirmative Epigram
Indifference To Death
All The Difference
Something For Dr Darwin
A Confirmed Invalid
An Inscription On Inscriptions
Bearding A Barber
Good Advice
A Small Inheritance
The Light Subject
A Fair Substitute
A Convert
All The Difference
A Wonderful Woman
A Written Character
A Pardonable Mistake
The Connoisseur
The One Thing Wanting
One Good Turn Deserves Another
A Conjugal Caution
Matter In His Madness
Well-bred Horse
Sound And Fury
A Striking Notice
Reverse Of Circumstances
Visible Darkness
Words That Burn
Junius Discovered
Too Many Cooks
Nothing But The Bill
A Bad Shot
A Trump Card
Alone In His Glory
A Good Parson
The Doctrine Of Chances
Verses Written On A Window In The Highlands Of Scotland
A Dialogue
Epitaph For Sir John Vanbrugh
A Distant Prospect
A Cheap Cure
A Grammatical Distinction
A Fillip For Him
A Bad Crop
Waste Powder
Black And White
A Light Study
Simple Division
Lying Consistently
Hand And Glove
Money Returned
Very Pointed
Check To The King
False Delicacy
Proof Impression
The Late Mr Collins
Calf's Head Surprised
Modest Request
A Pretty Metaphor
A Man Of Letters
A Sprig Of Shillalah
False Quantity
Porson's Visit To The Continent
Outward Appearance
Sage Advice
A Foreign Accent
The Intruder Rebuked
A Good Place
The Fire Of London
An Honest Horse
Elegant Compliment
By The Same
Playing On A Word
Out Brief Candle
Qualifying For Bail
Native Wit
Suited To His Subject
A Cockney Epigram
High And Low
Ingenious Reply Of A Soldier
Special Pleading
The Zodiac Club
Striking Reproof
Unknown Tongue
Tall And Short
On The Right Side
The Scold's Vocabulary
A Handsome Contribution
Scotch Simplicity
Nat Lee And Sir Roger L'estrange
A True Courtier
A Poser
Considerable Latitude
A Wife At Forty
Novel Offence
Very Clear
A Joint Concern
A Good Reason
A Clever Dog
George Selwyn
Landlord And Tenants
The Wrong Leg
Fighting By Measure
The Force Of Satire
Quin's Saying
Billy Brown And The Counsellor
Cut And Come Again
Union Is Strength
Making It Up
Humor Under Difficulties
Quite Natural
Miser's Charity
Milton On Woman
A Good Reason
Paddy's Logic
A Mot Of De Foe
Claw And Claw
Force Of Nature
Too Civil
A Capital Joke
Buried Worth
A Sound Conclusion
Non Sequitur
A Bad Crop
Duplex Movement
A Feeling Witness
Dr Weather-eye
A Guide To Government Situations
A True Joke
A City Varnish
A Sage Simile
The Majesty Of Mud
A Query Answered
The Medicine Must Be Of Use
Black And White
A Phenomenon Accounted For
A Woodman
Measure For Measure
A Poetical Shape
Sealing An Oath
Good Sport
A Good Servant
A Novelty
Brutal Affections
Whig And Tory
A Placebo
Not To Be Bought
Cruel Suggestion
An Attic Jest
A Ready Reckoner
A Stopper
Hinc Ille Lachrymae
A Bishop And Churchwarden
Agreeable And Not Complimentary
Mr Canning's Parasites
Pleasant Deserts
A Bad Pen
Ready Reply
Epigram On Cibber
A Fixture
Evidence Of A Jockey
A Broad-sheet Hint
Soft Very!
A Stray Shot
Mr Abernethy
Extremes Meet
Truth Not To Be Spoken At All Times
Following A Leader
Twice Ruined
Short Stories
An Original Attraction
Fishy Rather
Something Like An Insult
Political Corruption
A Good-hearted Fellow
The Angry Ocean
An Order For Two
Visible Proof
Epigram Addressed To Miss Edgeworth
A Good Example
Nominal Rhymes
Vails To Servants
Congratulation To One Who Curled His Hair
A Cool Hand
Recruiting Serjeant And Countryman
Not To Be Trifled With
An Upright Man
Truth Not Always To Be Spoken
A Double Times
Dangerously Well
A New Scholar
Valuable Discovery
Two Sides To A Speech
Ringing The Changes
A Small Glass
An Empty Head
Aye! There's The Rub
A Silk Gown
The Measure Of A Brain
The Reason Why
Clerical Wit
Wit And Quackery
A Vain Search
A Reflection
Inquest Extraordinary
Profitable Juggling
Dunning And Lord Thurlow
Warm Friendships
A Broken Head
An Odd Family
Ben Jonson
Kean's Impromptu
A Mark Of Respect
Leaving His Verdict
On Pride
A Hiatus
A Striking Point
An Odd Bird
I've Done The Same Thing Often
The Cut Infernal
The Will
A New Sport
Epigram On The Duke Of 's Consistency
A Doubtful Creed
Good Riddance
George Ii And The Recorder
At His Fingers' Ends
A Point
Challenging A Jury
Minding His Business
A Cautious Lover
French Language
Certainly Not Asleep
The Best Judge
Dead Language
A Slight Difference
A Nice Distinction
An Old Joke
A Novel Idea
Losing An I
The Empty Gun
Episcopal Sauce
Wilkes's Tergiversation
Smoking An Mp
The Tanner; An Epigram
A Double Knock
Keeping A Promise
Verse And Worse
Clear The Court
Not Polite
On Mr Husband's Marriage
Lady Anne
Unpoetical Reply
Taking His Measure
Vulgar Arguments
The Latin For Cold
Lamb And Erskine
Order! Order!
The Cut Direct
The Hopeful Pupil
Notice To Quit
An Argument
One Head Better Than A Dozen
Debtor And Creditor
Seeing A Coronation
On Napoleon's Statue At Boulogne Turned By Design Or
An Arcadian
Rowing In The Same Boat
The Ruling Passion
Shakespeare Illustrated
Worthy Of Credit
Very Serious
Delicate Hint
A Bad Bargain
Cold Comfort
Oxford And Cambridge Actors
Strange Jetsum
A Pill Gratis
Scotch Penetration
A Good Excuse
Ireland's Forgery
Write Me Down An Ass
Liberal Gift
On The Latin Gerunds
Bad Habit
The Letter H
A Good Translation
Advice To The Young
Fear Of Educating Women
Top And Bottom
A New Disguise
Rum And Water
If You Do Not Receive This Of Course It Must Have Miscarried
Wilkes And A Liberty
The Timidity Of Beauty
A Smart One-pounder
Delpini's Remonstrance
Pure Folks
G A'b
Kitchener And Colman
A Long Bill
A Colorable Resemblance
Bad Sport
A Probability
Vox Et Praeterea Nihil
An Act Of Justice
A Voluminous Speaker
Love And Hymen
Plain Language
Cash Payments
A Reasonable Demand
One Bite At A Cherry
Steam-boat Racing
What's In A Syllable?
Good Advice
A Comparison
Gluttons And Epicures
On The Name Of Keopalani (queen Of The Sandwich Islands)
Boswell's Life Of Johnson
A New Sign
Not True
Fire And Water
The Specific Gravity Of Folly
A Candid Counsel
True Evidence
A Yankee Yarn
Love Of The Sea
Unwelcome Agreement
A Specimen Of University Etiquette
The Cause
Winning A Loss
Short Commons
Wilkes And Liberty
Lord North Asleep
Long Story
On The Dulness Of A Debate In The House Of Commons
Old Age
A Ready Reckoner
True Politeness
Easily Satisfied
A Royal Muff
'pretty Fair' Was My
A Broad Hint
The Last War
Too Much Of A Bad Thing
Odd Foresight
General Wolfe
A Noise For Nothing
Decanting Extraordinary
How To Make A Man Of Consequence
Scotch Wut
A Mechanical Surgeon
Full Inside
A Poser By Lord Ellenborough
An Artistic Touch
Little To Give
No Pride
Queer Partners
Epigram On The Marriage Of A Very Thin Couple
Luxurious Smoking
Relations Of Mankind
Very True
Drinking Alone
Ready-made Wood Pavement
Graceful Excuse
Way Of Using Books
Rogerspoet And Skipper
The Jest Of Ancestry
Mac Ready To Call
Setting Him Up To Knock Him Down
An Accommodating Physician
An Explanation
Law And Physic
Notions Of Happiness
Filial Affection
Epigram On Dr Glynn's Beauty
A Good Jail Delivery
Knowing Best
Parliamentary Reprimand
Sir Anthony Malone
Modern Acting
In-door Relief
An Odd Question
Natural Grief
A Close Escape
The Time Out Of Joint
His Wayout
A Modern Sculptor
The Gouty Shoe
A Case Of Necessity
Dr Johnson
A Comedian And A Lawyer
Nothing Personal
A Mistake
The Humane Society At An Evening Party
Sent Home Free
Better Known Than Trusted
A Reasonable Excuse
Summary Decision
Habeas Corpus Act
Common Politeness
A Soporific
Use Is Second Nature
Liquid Remedy For Baldness
The Rebel Lords
The Direct Road
Dr Johnson's Opinion Of Mrs Siddons
An Equivocation
On A Bald Head
A Man Without A Rival
Garrick And Foote
Quite Aground
The Letter H
The Ruling Passion Strong In Death
Cup And Saucer
Conceited But Not Seated
Strange Vespers
An Acceptable Deprivation
Accurate Description
The Staffordshire Collieries
Minding His Cue
Late And Early
Something Lacking
Three Degrees Of Comparison
Elegant Retort
A Proper Answer
An Unconscious Postscript
The Season-ings
Lincoln's-inn Dinners
Cool Retort
A Polite Rebuke
Good Advice
Cheap At The Money
A Back-handed Hit
A Favorite Air
One Thing At A Time
Brief Let It Be
A Coat-of-arms
Industry And Perseverance
Lamb And Sharp Sauce
Come Said I
Very Evident
A Reverse
Musical Taste
Porson _versus_ Dr Jowett
High Gaming
A Monster
Quid Pro Quo
American Penance
A Money-lender
A Bad Medium
Swearing The Peace
A Sanitary Air
In The Dark
Quite Poetical
A Common Want
Henry Erskine
Smart Reply
Any Change For The Better
A Reverse Joke
Carrots Classically Considered
Sydney Smith Soporific
Good At A Pinch
Wilkes's Ready Reply
The Poets To Certain Critics
Telling One's Age
Cause And Effect
On Rogers The Poet Who Was Egotistical
A Quiet Dose
Auricular Confession
A Dry Fellow
Epitaph Upon Peter Staggs
Natural Antipathy
Assurance And Insurance
Bill Paid In Full
The Devil's Own
A Cruel Case
Writing Treason
In The Background
Three Ends To A Rope
Personalities Of Garrick And Quin
A Pressing Reason
Epigram On A Student Being Put Out Of Commons For Missing
The Woolsack
Throw Physic To The Dogs!
Too Good
Money's Worth
Writing For The Stage
James Smith And Justice Holroyd
The Aged Young Lady
Not Importunate
I Hear You Said Was The Worst Book I Ever
Braham And Kenney
A Bed Ofwhere?
A Slight Difference
You'll Get There Before I Can Tell You
A Long Residence
Political Sinecure
Damped Ardor
Truth And Fiction
Lord North's Drollery
The Right Organ
Reasons For Drinking
An Odd Occurrence
Nosce Te Ipsum
Timely Aid
Henry Erskine
Too Much And Too Little
An East Indian Chaplaincy
Bringing His Man Down
Too Civil By Half
The Church In The Way
The Young Idea
Practical Retort
A Reason For Running Away
A Claim On The Country
The Plural Number
Very Likely
A Good Wife
Too Clever
A Rebuke
Great Cabbage
Not Quite Correct
No Joke
Cutting An Acquaintance
Impossible In The Evening
Truth _versus_ Politeness
The One-spur Horseman
A Play Upon Words
Setting Up And Sitting Down
Jolly Companions
A Full House
Force Of Habit
Burke And Fox
Having A Call
A Windy Minister
A Distant Friend
A Nameless Man
Non Compos
A Little Rain
How To Get Rid Of An Enemy
No Sacrifice
Early Birds Of Prey
On A Lady Who Was Painted
Money's Worth
Lord Chatham
Making Free
A Tavern Dinner
Fat And Lean
On The Price Of Admission To See The Mammoth Horse
A Good Recommendation
A Poser
Origin Of The Term Grog
Sleeping At Church
The Worst Of Two Evils
Spirit Of A Gambler
Very Like Each Other
A New Reading
Charles Duke Of Norfolk
Parliamentary Case
Nature And Art
The Snuff-box
A Seasonable Joke
Good Eyes
A Last Resource
White Teeth
Two Carriages
Coleridge And Thelwall
Lost And Found
A Forcible Argument
An Odd Notion
Mr Tierney's Humor
Lord Howe
Henry Viii
The Gentleman Has Brought Us The _knife_ But
Dialogue In The Western Islands Of Scotland
Changing Hats
Pope's Last Illness
A Conjugal Conclusion
An Irishman's Notion Of Discount
A Good Mixture
Horne Tooke And Wilkes
Temperance Cruets
What's A Hat Without A Head?
Horses To Grass
Very True
St Peter A Bachelor
A Poser
A Bad Judge
True To The Letter
True Philosophy
A Deadly Weapon
Clerk Of Assize: What Have You To Say Why Judgment Should Not
Quite Professional
Equitable Law
Running Accounts
Scotchman And Highwaymen
The Pigs And The Silver Spoon
A Considerate Mayor
Visibly Losing
Erasmus Versus Luther
Fairly Won
On The Four Georges
What Is An Archdeacon?
A New Idea
A Heavy Weight
Sinking The Well
The Way To Kew
Awkward Orthography
Written On The Union 1801 By A Barrister Of Dublin
A Proper Name
An Unanswerable Argument
A Distressful Denouement
The Best Wine
Something To Pocket
A Poor Substitute
Good At The Halt
A Winner At Cards
An Inconvenient Break Down
Rather Ferocious
An Outline
Ugly Trades
A Good Character
Not Giving Himself Airs
A Man Of Metal
A Drop
The Superiority Of Machinery
A Speaking Canvas
An Apt Reproof
Holland's Funeral
Not Improbable
No Redeeming Virtue
A Dutiful Daughter
A Soporific
Allegorical Representation
Cutting Off The Supplies
A Fowl Joke
Old Friends
Charity Begins At Home
Very Likely
A Grunt
To The Coming Man
Colonial Breweries
The Fool Or Knave
A Good Reason For A Bad Cause
An Old Adage Refuted
All The Same
Dr Walcot's Application For Shield's Ivory Opera Pass
Take Warning!
Conditional Agreement
A Neat Suggestion
Where It Came From
Timely Flattery
Travellers See Strange Things
A Close Translation
Only A Ninepin
Difficulties In Either Case
Flying Colors
Union Of Opposites
An Untaxed Luxury
Absurdly Logical
Player Or Lord
Prime's Preservative
Not So Daft As Reputed
Husbanding His Resources
Making Free With The Waist
Droll To Order
Chemical Oddity
He Who Sung The Lays Of Ancient Rome
A Reasonable Preference
Suggestive Repudiation
Experimentum Crucis
Odd Humor
The Republic Of Letters
A Plumper
Business And Pleasure
A Walking Stick
A Reason For Belief
Painted Charms
Mr Erskine's Firmness
The Debt Paid
An Objectionable Process
A Dreadful Suspicion
No Music In His Soul
Tell It Not In England
Professional Companions
Lines To O'keefe
A Riskful Adventure
A Michaelmas Meeting
Silent Appreciation
A Significant Difference
Euclid Refuted
Classical Wit
A Stout Swimmer
Resting Herself
Death And Dr Bolus
Going From The Point
A Bit Of Moonshine
A Kind Hint
Sheridan And Burke
A Pungent Pinch
On A Great Talker
Change For A Guinea
A Man And A Brother
An Honor To Tipperary
Killed By His Own Remedy
Running No Risk
Not Room For A Neighbor
On Butler's Monument
Getting The Worst Of It
I Takes 'em As They Come
Blank Cartridge
Early Habits
Not To Be Believed
Byron Libellous
Attired To Tire
A Vain Threat
Cause And Effect
Something Sharp
An Affectionate Hint
A Wide Difference
A Tender Suggestion
Answering Her According To Her Folly
A Bright Rejoinder
A Quick Lie
An Impudent Wit
A Pertinent Question
A Wide-awake Minister
Not Finding Himself
A Warm Man
An Unlikely Result
A Wise Decision
A Poor Laugh
Shakespearian Grog
Something To Be Grateful For
An Endless Task
A Celestial Vision
Uncivil Warning
Done For
The Dog Tax
A New Way With Attorneys
A Yokshire Bull
Two Cures For Ague
Pleasant For A Father
Wits Agreeing
A Free Translation
Reciprocal Action
An Unequal Arrangement
Cool As A Cucumber
Funeral Invitation
Comparative Virtue
A Secret Discovered
A Bearable Pun
A Pretty Reply
But One Good Translation
Rigid Impartiality
A Fool And His Money
Insurance Assurance
A Good Judge
The Salic Law
Dr Donne
An Expensive Job
A Pleasant Message
A Saucy Answer
An Inhospitable Irishman
A Connubial Compliment
Witty At His Own Expense
A Previous Engagement
Extremely Sulphurous
Multiplying One
The Ruling Passion
Foote's Last Joke