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Joke Topics

Scientific Management
Christmas Gifts
Race Pride
Military Discipline
Business Women

Irish Humour

Verses Left With A Silver Standish On The Dean's Desk By Dr Delany
Dr Bolton
His Triumph Over Dr Johnson
On The Same Upright Chief Justice Whitshed
His Interview With Dr Mann
Curran At A Debating Society
Cossing A Dog
Singular Event
Swift's Charity
On Stephen Duck The Thresher And Favorite Poet
His First Client
Taxing The Air
Chief Justice Whitshed's Motto On His Coach
Lord Clare
Birth-day Presents

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Animal Football Match
How Many Babies?
Octopus In The Bar
Signal Man's Test
Unusual Order
Prize Goat
Blind Pilots
Baking Funeral
Computer Class Fun
Asylum Fence
Calling In Sick

Free Jokes

Changing Light Bulbs
The Foolish Fugitive
Top Ten Signs...
Religious Man
Martha Stewart's Tips For Rednecks
Today's Little Axioms
Redneck Medical Dictionary
Dating Joke For The Day
The Gambler
Star Trek Obsession
Ytok Problems

Story Jokes

Letting Him Know
A Natural Picture
A Good Plan
Natural Deduction


Rights Of Hospitality
A Neat Reply
A Benevolent Judge
The Wounded Sailor
Sion College
George I
George The Second
Dr. Pepusch
Magnanimous Rebel


Why Do All Bank Cashiers Run To Canada
I Sent A Dollar Last Week Said The Good Thing In Answer To That Advertisement Offering A Method Of Saving One-half My Gas Bills
That Young Gentleman Has A Very Taking Manner Said One Young Lady To Another At A Party Of A Young Man Who Had Just Left Them
In My Business Said The Stock Broker It Is Impossible To Succeed Without Pluck
Why So Glum Blumly
Slopay--and Doctor If You Will I Wish You Would Give Me Something To Help My Memory
There Are Many Sweet Entrancing Moments In This Life But When A Man Steps On Your Pet Corn You Do Not Experience One Of Them

Animal Anecdotes

Humane Society
A Providential Safe Conduct
Honours Paid To Living And Departed Worth
Assisting The Aged
Maternal Affection
Fox Chasing


I Come In Different Shapes And Sizes.
I Know A Word Of Letters Three,
Explain How The Tractor Got There?
What Is The Noblest Musical Instrument?
What Common English Word ...
I Am The Center Of Gravity,
What 7 Letter Word
What Kind Of Cheese Is Made Backwards?
Bricked Up Room
Which Side Of A Cat
The Word 'facetiously' Contains The Six Vowels
Half Full Or Half Empty?
Reading With The Lights Off
What Is The Longest Word In The Dictionary?

Canadian Humour

The Glow-worm And The Famished Nightingale
The Blue Nose
The Ahkoond Of Swat
The Centipede And The Barbaric Yak
The Coroner And The Banana Peel
The Japanese Reporter
The Hen And The Tailor
Sheepskins And Politics
The Doctor
The Amateur Orlando
The Gray Linnet
The Merchant Of Venice
A Toast
The Unfortunate Elephant
The Plumber's Revenge A Legend Of Madison Avenue