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Joke Topics

Marriage Fees
Moral Education
Cost Of Living

Irish Humour

His Duel With Captain D'esterre
O'leary And The Rector
O'connell And Secretary Goulburn
Birth-day Presents
To The Landlord
A Martial Judge
A Mistaken Frenchman
The Scriblerus Club
The Three Crosses
The Serenading Lover
Swift's Last Lines
Mr Pulteney
A Courtier's Retort
His Controversy With An Infidel
A Nolle Prosequi

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Octopus In The Bar
The Chastity Belt
Baking Funeral
The New Southern Santa
Hot Air Ballon Ride
Cat On The Roof
Minister For Drinks
Dinosaur Theory
Calling In Sick
Job Interview Cheat
How Old Am I?

Free Jokes

Wise Women
Sigs For Your Amusement
Odd Signs From England
Newspaper Headlines
Efficiency Expert
Two Stories
Dumb Things To Ponder Etc.
Naval Operations
The Soldier
Papal Visit
Dogs And Computers: Same Or Different?

Story Jokes

Helpful Pa!
The Consumer Inflamed
Reward Of Virtue
Drew Blank
A Qualified Statement
His Difficulty
Claiming Acquaintance


Weeping At A Play
Family Sacrifice
St. Louis
A Child On Board
Welcome Sight
The Wounded Sailor
Old Age Secured
Clear And Conclusive Evidence Was Drawn Out Of A Yorkshireman


I'll Admit Said Mrs
See Here Sir Remonstrated The Young Gentleman I Got Up To Give My Seat To The Lady Not To You
Railway Clerk--another Accident On The Road To-day Sir
Dearest She Murmured I'm So Afraid You'll Change
After All You Know Said Mr
Can You Swim Little Boy
Isaacs--undt Suppose Dey Did Send Us A Message From Mars How Could Dey Tell If We Got It

Animal Anecdotes

A Charitable Canary
A Singular Interposition
An Ass Cast Away
Crab Fishing
A Tame Colony
Of Two Evils Choosing The Least
Concerts Of Animals


No Legs Have I To Dance,
A Doctor And A Bus Driver In Love
What Is The Longest Word In The Dictionary?
Murder Suspects
Which Side Of A Cat
3 Switches
Take Some Away
I'm Sometimes White,
Can't Be Buried In The Usa
Explain How The Tractor Got There?
What Tree Is Most Warmly Clad?
Watch In The Desert
Two Grandmothers
Four Jolly Men
Sinking Ship

Canadian Humour

The Ostrich And The Hen
The Hen And The Tailor
The Coroner And The Banana Peel
The Doctor
The Blue Nose
Sheepskins And Politics
The Ahkoond Of Swat
The Glow-worm And The Famished Nightingale
The Gray Linnet
The Senator's Laundry
A Toast
The Amateur Orlando
The Merchant Of Venice
The Villager And The Snake
The Japanese Reporter