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Joke Topics

Weights And Measures
American Girl

Irish Humour

Swift Among The Lawyers
His Encounter With Biddy Moriarty
Singular Event
The Dean And Faulkner
Retentive Memory
His Duel With Bully Egan
Cossing A Dog
Epistolary Bores
His Habits Of Study--his Influence
O'leary And The Rector
His Interview With Daniel Danser
A Young Judge Done
A Dog's Religion
O'connell And Secretary Goulburn
O'leary And The Irish Parliament

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Horse Power
Before It Starts
History Of The Internet
Expert In The Kitchen
Minister For Drinks
Prize Goat
Turkey Roll
How Old Am I?
Signal Man's Test
Idiot Resuce
The New Southern Santa

Free Jokes

Language Difficulties
A Women's Perspective
I'm Normal, You're Crazy
Bible [by College Students]
Redneck Ode To His Valentine
A Cat In Heaven
Forrest Gump Went To Heaven
Squeezing The Lemon
Quote Joke For The Day
Feminist Humor

Story Jokes

Getting Even
An Alias
Troubles Of The New-poor
Perfect Agreement
Her Match
A Great Light
Tit For Tat


Sir William Jones And Thomas Day
George Iii. On Punctuality
Sir And Sire
George I
The Kennedies
Catalogue Making
The Sailor And The Actress


When The Old Man Is Shaking Down The Furnace Carrying Out The Ashes Feeding The Cat And Six Kittens And Making The Beds Remarked The Observer Of Events And Things Of Course He Is Too Busy To Hear His Daughter In The Parlor Singing: 'everybody Works Bu
Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid
A Boston Man Upon Learning That There Were 4000 Poles In New York Exclaimed: What A Place To Raise Beans
Lawyers Practice At The Bar While Bartenders And Mosquitoes Practice Inside Of It
How Are You To-day
Of The Heroine In One Of The Latest Sensational Novels It Is Said: Her Eyes Chained Him To The Spit
Askit-what Is A Convenient Fall Trip For Me To Take

Animal Anecdotes

Maternal Affection
A Conversing Parrot
A Carrier's Dog
The Shepherd's Dog
The Lion And His Keeper
A Refugee Squirrel
A Canine Sheep-stealer


Two Grandmothers
What Is The Longest Word In The Dictionary?
Canaries And Cages
I Am Slim And Tall,
I'm Sometimes White,
I Never Was, Am Always To Be,
Filling The Room
No Legs Have I To Dance,
Fork In The Road
With Pointed Fangs It Sits In Wait,
What Insect Does A Blacksmith Manufacture?
Sinking Ship
Reading With The Lights Off
I Can Sizzle Like Bacon,

Canadian Humour

The Unfortunate Elephant
The Honest Newsboy
The Villager And The Snake
The Merchant Of Venice
Mother Hunt's Chickens
The Ostrich And The Hen
To Mary
The Ahkoond Of Swat
A Toast
The Japanese Reporter
The Hen And The Tailor
The Doctor
The Amateur Orlando
The Plumber's Revenge A Legend Of Madison Avenue
The Glow-worm And The Famished Nightingale