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War by Candle Light

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Shortly after the commencement of the last Peninsular
war, a tax was laid on candles, which, as a political economist would
prove, made them dearer. A Scotch wife, in Greenock, remarked to her
chandler that the price was raised, and asked why. "It's a' owin' to the
war," said he. "The war!" said the astonished matron, "gracious me! are
they gaun to fight by candle licht?"

Admiral Duncan's address to the officers of his fleet, when they came on
board his ship for his final instructions, previous to the memorable
engagement with Admiral De Winter, was couched in the following laconic and
humorous words:--"Gentlemen of my Fleet, you see a very severe WINTER fast
approaching; and I have only to advise you to keep up a good FIRE!"

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