A Relay of Legs

: Soldiers.

Rivardes, a Piedmontese, had attached himself to the
house of France, and was much esteemed as a soldier. He had lost one of his

legs, and had worn a wooden one for some time, when in an engagement a ball

carried off the latter, leaving him the other safe and sound. On being

raised up, he exclaimed laughingly, "What fools these fellows are! They

would have saved their shot had they known that I had two others equally

good among my baggage."

Present!--During the Crimean war a French captain wrote to the Cure of his

native place in these words: "I endeavour to regulate my affairs in such

sort, that if God should address to me the call, I may be able to answer,

_Present!_" Not long after this the brave captain met his death under the

walls of Sebastopol.