: Doctors.

A gentleman, at whose house Swift was dining in Ireland, after
dinner introduced remarkably small hock glasses, and at length, turning to

Swift, addressed him,--"Mr. Dean, I shall be happy to take a glass of hic,

haec, hoc, with you." "Sir," rejoined the doctor, "I shall be happy to

comply, but it must be out of a _hujus_ glass."

Swift, having a shoulder of mutton too much done brought up for his dinner,

sent for the cook, and told her to take the mutton down, and do it less.

"Please your honour, I cannot do it less." "But," said the dean, "if it had

not been done enough, you could have done it more, could you not?" "Oh,

yes, sir, very easily." "Why, then," said the dean, "for the future, when

you commit a fault, let it be such a one as can be mended."