: Miscellaneous.

Sterne used to relate a circumstance which happened to him at
York. After preaching at the cathedral, an old woman whom he observed

sitting on the pulpit stairs, stopped him as he came down, and begged to

know where she should have the honour of hearing him preach the following

Sunday. On leaving the pulpit the next Sunday he found her placed as

before, when she put the same question to him. The following Sunday he was

to preach four miles out of York, which he told her; and to his great

surprise, he found her there too, and the same question was put to him as

he descended from the pulpit. "On which," added he "I took for my text

these words, expecting to find my old woman as before: 'I will grant the

request of this poor widow, lest by her often coming, she weary me,'" One

of the company immediately replied, "Why, Sterne, you omitted the most

applicable part of the passage, which is, 'Though I neither fear God nor

regard man.'"