The Centipede And The Barbaric Yak

While a Centipede was painfully toiling over the Libyan Desert he was

encountered by a barbaric Yak, who scornfully asked him how were his

poor feet. The humble creature made no reply at the time, but some days

later found the barbaric Yak taken in the nets of the hunter and almost

devoured by insects, which fled at the approach of the Centipede.

"Help, help, my good friend!" exclaimed the unfortunate beast. "I

cannot move a muscle in these cruel toils, and the ravenous insects

have devoured my delicate flesh." "Say you so?" responded the

Centipede. "Can you really not defend yourself?" "Alas! how can I?"

replied the Yak. "See you not how straitly I am bound?" "And is your

flesh then so delicate?" "It is, though I say it who should not."

"Then," said the Centipede, "I guess I'll take a bite myself."

Moral: The other man's extremity is often our opportunity.