The Night-blooming Cereus is an interesting plant, and excites much admiration when in flower, as it blooms at night-time only, the flowers closing up when exposed to the day-light. They are magnificent flowers when in full blow, but, unhappily... Read more of The Night-blooming Cereus at Home Gardening.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Lord Kellie was amusing the company with an account of a sermon
he had heard in Italy, in which the preacher related the miracle of St.
Anthony preaching to the fishes, who, in order to listen to his pious
discourse, held their heads out of the water. "I can credit the miracle,"
said Erskine, "if your lordship was at church." "I certainly was there,"
said the peer. "Then, rejoined Erskine, there was at least _one fish out of

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