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A Grateful Return

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A favourite house-dog, left to the care of its master's servants, while he
was himself away, would have been starved by them if it had not had
recourse to the kitchen of a friend of its master's, which in better days
it had occasionally visited. On the return of the master it enjoyed plenty
at home, and stood in no further need of the liberality it experienced;
but still it did not forget that hospitable kitchen where it had found a
resource in adversity. A few days after, the dog fell in with a duck,
which, as he found in no private pond, he probably concluded to be no
private property. He snatched up the duck in his teeth, carried it to the
kitchen where he had been so hospitably fed, laid it at the cook's feet,
with many polite movements of the tail, and then scampered off with much
seeming complacency at having given this testimony of his grateful sense
of favours.

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