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An abbot, a man of wit, and skilled in the construction of new musical
instruments, was ordered by Louis XI., King of France, more in jest than
in earnest, to procure him a concert of swines' voices. The abbot said
that the thing could doubtless be done, but that it would take a good deal
of money. The king ordered that he should have whatever he required for
the purpose. The abbot then wrought a thing as singular as ever was seen;
for out of a great number of hogs of several ages which he got together,
and placed under a tent, or pavilion, covered with velvet, before which he
had a table of wood painted, with a certain number of keys, he made an
organical instrument, and as he played upon the said keys with little
spikes, which pricked the hogs, he made them cry in such order and
consonance, he highly delighted the king and all his company.

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