Dr Bolton

Dr. Theophilus Bolton was not only a learned divine, but a very fine

gentleman. His merit as a preacher was so eminent that it was early

rewarded with a mitre. Swift went to congratulate him on the occasion,

when he observed that as his lordship was a native of Ireland, and had

now a seat in the House of Peers, he hoped he would employ his eloquence

in the service of his distressed country. The prelate told him the

opric was but a very small one, and he could not hope for a better

if he disobliged the court. Very well, said Swift; then it is to be

hoped when you have a better you will become an honest man. Ay, that

I will, Mr. Dean. Till then, my lord, farewell, answered Swift. The

prelate was soon translated to a richer see, on which occasion Swift

called to remind him of his promise; but to no purpose: there was an

arch-bishopric in view, and till that was obtained nothing could be

done. Having in a few years attained this object likewise, he then

waited on the Dean, and told him, I am now at the top of my preferment,

for I well know that no Irishman will ever be made primate; therefore,

as I can rise no higher in fortune or station, I will most zealously

promote the good of my country. From that he became a most active