Encounter With A Fishwoman

There was a fishwoman in Cork who was more than a match for the whole

fraternity of her order. She could only be matched by Mrs. Scutcheen, of

Patrick-street, Dublin--the lady who used to boast of her bag of

farthin's, and regale herself before each encounter with a pennorth of

the droppin's o' the cock. Curran was passing the quay at Cork where

this virago held forth, when, stopping to listen to her, he was

requested to go on ou' that. Hesitating to retreat as quick as the

lady wished, she opened a broadside upon Curran, who returned fire with

such effect as to bring forth the applause of the surrounding

sisterhood. She was vanquished for the first time, though she had been

thirty years on the stones o' the quay.