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MR. BETHEL, an Irish barrister, when the question of the Union was in
debate, like all the junior barristers published pamphlets upon the
subject. Mr. Lysaght met this pamphleteer in the hall of the Four
Courts, and in a friendly way, said, Zounds! Bethel, I wonder you never
told me you had published a pamphlet on the Union. The one I saw
contained some of the best things I have yet seen in any pamphlet upon
the subject.--I'm very proud you think so, said the other, rubbing
his hands with satisfaction; and pray, what are the things that pleased
you so much?--Why, replied Lysaght, as I passed by a pastry-cook's
shop this morning, I saw a girl come out with three hot mince-pies
wrapped up in one of your works.

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