A Severe Spell Of Sickness

It is the easiest thing under heaven to be sick, if you can afford it.

What it costs some rich men for family sickness per annum, would keep

all the children in "a poor neighborhood" in "vittels" and clothes the

year round. When old Cauliflower took sick, once in a long life-time, he

was prevailed upon to send for Dr. Borax, and it was some weeks before

Cauliflower got down stairs again. At the end of the year Dr. Borax sent
br /> in his bill; the amount gave Cauliflower spasms in his pocket-book, and

threatened a whole year's profits with strangulation.

"Doctor," says Cauliflower, "that bill of yours is all-fired steep,

isn't it?"

"No, sir," says Borax; "your case was a dangerous case--I never raised a

man from the grave with such difficulty, in all my practice!"

"But, fifty-three calls, doctor, one hundred and six dollars."

"Exactly--two dollars a visit, sir," said the urbane doctor.

"And twenty-seven prescriptions, four plasters, &c.--eighty-one


"One hundred and eighty-seven dollars, sir."

"Well," says Cauliflower, "this may be all very well for people who

can af-ford it, but I can't; there's your money, doctor, but I'll bet

you won't catch me sick as that again--soon!"