Dodging The Responsibility

"Sir!" said Fieryfaces, the lawyer, to an unwilling witness, "Sir! do

you say, upon your oath, that Blinkins is a dishonest man?"

"I didn't say he was ever accused of being an honest man, did I?"

replied Pipkins.

"Does the court understand you to say, Mr. Pipkins, that the plaintiff's

reputation is bad?" inquired the judge, merely putting the question to

keep his eyes open.

"I didn't say it was good, I reckon."

"Sir!" said Fieryfaces, "Sir-r! upon your oath--mind, upon your oath,

upon your oath, you say that Blinkins is a rogue, a villain and a


"You say so," was Pip's reply.

"Haven't you said so?"

"Why, you've said it," said Pipkins, "what's the use of my repeating


"Sir-r!" thundered Fieryfaces, the Demosthenean thunderer of Thumbtown,

"Sir-r! I charge you, upon your sworn oath, do you or do you not

say--Blinkins stole things?"

"No, sir," was the cautious reply of Pipkins. "I never said Blinkins

stole things, but I do say--he's got a way of finding things that

nobody lost!"

"Sir-r," said Fieryfaces, "you can retire," and the court adjourned.