Jolly Old Times

Either mankind or his constitution has changed since "the good old

times," for we read in an old medicine book, that bleeding at the nose,

and cramp, could be effectually prevented by wearing a dried toad in a

bag at the pit of the stomach; while for rheumatism and consumption, a

snake skin worn in the crown of your hat, was a sovereign remedy! Dried

toads and snake skins are quite out of use around these settlements, and

we think the Esculapius who would recommend such nostrums, would be

looked upon as a poor devil with a fissure in his cranium, liable to

cause his brains to become weather-beaten! We remember hearing of a

learned old cuffy, who lived down "dar" near Tallahassee, who invariably

recommended cayenne pepper in the eye to cure the toothache! Had this

venerable old colored gem'n lived 200 years ago, he would doubtless have

created a sensation in the medical circles!