According To Gunter

Old Gunter was going home t'other night with a very heavy "turkey

on"--about a forty-four pounder. Gunter accused the pavements of being

icy, and down he came--kerchug! A "young lady" coming along,

fidgetting and finiking, she made a very sudden and opposite ricochet,

on seeing Gunter feeling the ground, and making abortive attempts to

"riz." Gunter's gallantry was "up;" he knew his own weakness, and saw

the difficulty with the "young lady;" so making a very determinate

effort to get on his pins, Gunter elevated his head and then his voice,

and says he: "My de-dea-dear ma'm, do-do-don't pu-pu-put yourself out of

th-th-the way, on my account!" Tableaux--"young lady" quick-step, and

Gunter playing all-fours in the mud!