The caller's eye had caught the photograph of Tommie Billups, standing

on the desk of Mr. Billups.

"That your boy, Billups?" he asked.

"Yes," said Billups, "he's a sophomore up at Binkton College."

"Looks intellectual rather than athletic," said the caller.

"Oh, he's an athlete all right," said Billups. "When it comes to running

up accounts, and jumping his board-bill, and lifting his voice, and

throwing a thirty-two pound bluff, there isn't a gladiator in creation

that can give my boy Tommie any kind of a handicap. He's just written

for an extra check."

"And as a proud father you are sending it, I don't doubt," smiled the


"Yes," grinned Billups; "I am sending him a rain-check I got at the

hall-game yesterday. As an athlete, he'll appreciate its