Faith is that quality which leads a man to expect that his flowers and

garden will resemble the views shown on the seed packets.--_Country Life

in America_.

"What is faith, Johnny?" asks the Sunday school teacher.

"Pa says," answers Johnny, "that it's readin' in the papers that the

price o' things has come down, an expectin' to find it true when the

bills comes in."

Faith is believing the dentist when he says it isn't going to hurt.

"As I understand it, Doctor, if I believe I'm well, I'll be well. Is

that the idea?"

"It is."

"Then, if you believe you are paid, I suppose you'll be paid."

"Not necessarily."

"But why shouldn't faith work as well in one case as in the other?"

"Why, you see, there is considerable difference between having faith in

Providence and having faith in you."--_Horace Zimmerman_.

Mother had been having considerable argument with her infant daughter as

to whether the latter was going to be left alone in a dark room to go to

sleep. As a clincher, the mother said: "There is no reason at all why

you should be afraid. Remember that God is here all the time, and,

besides, you have your dolly. Now go to sleep like a good little girl."

Twenty minutes later a wail came from upstairs, and mother went to the

foot of the stairs to pacify her daughter. "Don't cry," she said;

"remember what I told you--God is there with you and you have your

dolly." "But I don't want them," wailed the baby; "I want you, muvver; I

want somebody here that has got a skin face on them."

Faith is a fine invention

For gentlemen who see;

But Microscopes are prudent

In an emergency.

--_Emily Dickinson_.