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Cunning As A Fox
Porus Saved By His Elephant
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A party of a ship's crew being sent ashore on a part of the coast of
India, for the purpose of cutting wood for the ship, one of the men having
strayed from the rest was greatly frightened by the appearance of a large
lioness, who made towards him; but on her coming up, she lay down at his
feet, and looked very earnestly first at him, and then at a tree a short
distance off. After repeating her looks several times, she arose, and
proceeded onwards to the tree, looking back several times, as if wishing
the man to follow her. At length he ventured, and coming to the tree, he
perceived a huge baboon with two young cubs in her arms, which he supposed
were those of the lioness, as she couched down like a cat, and seemed to
eye them very steadfastly. The man being afraid to ascend the tree,
decided on cutting it down, and having his axe with him, he set actively
to work, when the lioness seemed most attentive to what he was doing. When
the tree fell, she sprung upon the baboon, and after tearing him in
pieces, she turned round and licked the cubs for some time. She then
turned to the man and fawned round him, rubbing her head against him in
great fondness, and in token of her gratitude for the service he had done
her. After this, she took the cubs away one by one, and the man returned
to the ship.

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