Miss Bailly

: Presence Of Mind.

A few days before the battle of Falkirk, so disastrous to the
English army, Lord Loudon made a bold attempt to seize the Pretender at

Moy, a castle belonging to the chief of the clan of Mackintosh, about six

miles from Inverness, where he was then staying, and where he conceived

himself in perfect security. His lordship would probably have succeeded in

this design, but for the singular courage and presence of mind of a young

irl. While some English officers were drinking in the house of Mrs.

Bailly, an innkeeper in Inverness, and passing the time till the hour of

setting out for the intended capture, her daughter, a girl of about

thirteen or fourteen years of age, who happened to wait on them, paid great

attention to their conversation, and from certain expressions which they

dropped she discovered their design. As soon as she could do so unobserved,

she left the house, escaped from the town, notwithstanding the vigilance of

the sentinels, and took the road to Moy, running as fast as she was able,

without shoes or stockings, which to accelerate her progress she had taken

off, in order to inform the Prince of the danger which menaced him. She

reached Moy, quite out of breath, before Lord Loudon and his troops; and

the Prince had just time to escape, in his robe-de-chambre, nightcap, and

slippers, to the neighbouring mountains, where he passed the night in

concealment. This girl, to whom the Prince owed his life, was in great

danger of losing her own, from the excessive fatigue and excitement; but by

care and attention she eventually recovered.